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And so it begins…

I know everyone has been waiting to hear about how we’re beginning our 2021/22 training year and I’m excited to be able to outline our initial plans this morning. Obviously, some of this is tentative based on the state of current COVID-19 measures, but we’re optimistic that we can get back to in-person training in the next month. We’ll start with some virtual activities in preparation for a proper start and the approval of in-person training, but the bulk of these are administrative and shouldn’t take away from the program that we know and love.

Our first administrative matters will be annual validation forms and uniform exchanges. We’ll be sending out the validation forms for you to review and return over the next few days. For uniform exchanges, we’re going to have everyone fill out the sizing forms for both dress and field uniforms so that CI Dau can have everything ready for you on our uniform exchange nights this month. Links to those forms can be found below and we’re asking that those be filled out as soon as possible. Some items may need to be ordered and we want to minimize any unnecessary delays.

Dress Uniform / Dress Uniform Parts Request
Field Training Uniform

We’re also looking to welcome new cadets beginning on our first (tentative) in-person training night in October. If you know someone who you think would get a lot out of our program, bring them out that night or on any following training night.

Here’s our tentative outline for the first few months:

2021/9/15 – Staff/Instructors’ Training Meeting to Review the Year’s Training Plan
2021/9/22 – Administration Night, Uniform Exchanges, Instructional Techniques Review for Instructors
2021/9/29 – Administration Night, Uniform Exchanges, Instructional Techniques Review for Instructors
2021/10/6 – First In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/10/13 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/10/20 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/10/27 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/11/3 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/11/10 – In-Person Training Night – Remembrance Day Preparations (Tentative)
2021/11/11 – Remembrance Day Activities (Tentative)
2021/11/17 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/11/24 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/12/1 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/12/8 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/12/15 – Annual Mess Dinner (Tentative)
2021/12/16 – 2022/1/6 – Winter Stand-Down (No Training)

The above schedule doesn’t include Monday night training activities and field training exercises. Once we have everything lined up for the regular schedule, we’ll be working to get these solidified as soon as possible.

Weekly Routine Orders outlining specifics will commence tomorrow and will outline any necessary adjustments to the above.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone and finally restarting our cadet program in full. Welcome back! I hope you’re all as enthusiastic as we are!

J Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

Weekly Routine Orders – Week of 1 Sep 2019

1 Sep 19

RO Number

CO’s Message

And so it begins…

Between summer training and family activities, I’m hoping everyone had a great summer.

September is here and we’re once again ready to begin a new training year. We’re starting things a bit slower this year and have a few changes lined up to make the squadron’s operation run more smoothly. Further details on that latter bit will be available over the next few days.

Our very first night back will be on 4 Sep at 1830 (6:30pm) and we’ll be focusing on the necessary administration and paperwork. One piece of good news related to this is that we’re scrapping the $60/year fee to join the squadron. More to come. This evening is primarily for returning cadets, but if you know anyone who wants to come out and join, we’re happy to have them out to talk to us and possibly sign up.

The following week, on Monday Night, we’re going to have a supply night. If you have uniform items that don’t fit, this is the time to come in and get them replaced.

On the Wednesday, we have the Snowbirds Airshow during the afternoon and won’t have any training during the evening. We’re still looking for a couple more volunteers to man the Air Cadets information booth for the event. It’s on the afternoon of a school day, so please don’t prioritize Cadets over school. That said, if you can afford to take the time off and come out, by all means, sign up. OCdt Couroux will be having a short Training Cell meeting that day as well. He’ll be putting out further details on this as we get a bit closer.

On Saturday, 14 Sep, we have one of our thrice-annual Bottle Drives at Van Noort Greenhouses. This is an all-hands on-deck event where everyone is expected to attend and support fundraising for squadron activities. We’ll be starting at 0900 (9:00am) and finishing at 1600 (4:00pm) helping our community and ourselves by collecting empty beer, wine, and liquor bottles. Parent volunteers for driving and sorting are welcome and appreciated.

On Sunday, 15 Sep we have our Gliding Familiarization Day at Niagara District Airport from 1300 (1:00pm) to 1600 (4:00pm) and have 10 spots available. Priority goes to junior cadets.

Our proper kick-off of the training year begins on 16 Sep with our Welcome Back BBQ followed by our first proper training night of the year on 18 Sep.

Most of the regular and optional training nights have already been added to the Events Calendar on the web site. We expect to have the full training year uploaded by Wednesday evening.

For volunteering and gliding familiarization sign-ups, the sign-up sheets can be found here.

Remember that you need to be logged into the web site to see sign-up sheets.

See you on Wednesday!

Training Night
4 Sep 19

CAF Member Dress

Cadet Dress
C2B: Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1
C4A: AC, LAC, Cpl, FCpl

Duty Personnel
Duty Officer: Capt Lemoine

This Week’s Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
4 Sep 19 1830-2100 Wednesday Administration Night 809 HQ (CNC) C2B/C4A Capt Lemoine

Upcoming Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
9 Sep 19 1900-2100 Monday Supply Night 809 HQ (CNC) Civilian CI Thiffault / CV Carbone
11 Sep 19 Wednesday Snowbirds Airshow! Niagara District Airport C2B Capt Lemoine
14 Sep 19 Saturday Bottle Drive Van Noort Greenhouses (Corner of Hunter and Four Mile Creek Roads) Civilian TBD
15 Sep 19 Sunday Gliding Familiarization Niagara District Airport Civilian 2Lt Nicolescu
16 Sep 19 1900-2100 Monday Welcome Back BBQ 809 HQ (CNC) C2B/C4A Capt Lemoine

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

Training Update



Duty Officer
Lt Russell

C2B: Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1
C4A: AC, LAC, Cpl, FCpl

SUPPER MARKET: for those returning cadets on the DRILL TEAM – meet at the NOTL Supper market in front of the CIBC at 630pm in your uniform (see dress orders above). You will be driven back to the Sqn at the closing of the market by Mrs Lett & OCdt Couroux.

REGULAR TRAINING NIGHT: for all new cadets and returning cadets not on the drill team, meet at our regular time & place: Royal Elite International Academy at 630pm in the small gymnasium.

NAMES UPDATED BELOW: Confirm with Capt Palumbo if you are available either by email or text msg (289)783-1942 or

Airport Security Meeting: 730pm at NOTL Airport – for the following cadets only. . You must be able to miss school next Wed for the Snowbirds performance.  You will be driven to the meeting from the cadet hall/supper market, then back to the sqn for closing parade.

DRIVING IS AVAILABLE FOR CADETS COMING FROM ST.CATHARINES to the SNOWBIRDS next Wed. Speak with Capt Palumbo tonight to arrange for a pick up.

Bottle Drive Saturday:

I have had several requests from parents with children not in the squadron asking if they can help out at the Bottle Drive for community hours for high school or just to help. Yes! We would love to have them, however two things must happen: your child must remain at the bottle sorting location at the VanNoort Greenhouse (not go out driving) and there must be a family member present to supervise them. As they are not cadets, they do not fall under the supervision requirements for our Staff. 


Snowbirds 20 Sep 17: On the day of the event, cadets in the list above will need to arrange transportation, either through the sqn, or with your parents, to get to the NOTL airport no later than 1300. Dismissal time of 1830, staff will bring you over to the sqn for our regular training night. Dinner is provided.

To be clear: the 1pm arrival time on 20 Sep is only for those cadets listed in the airport security meeting, they must attend both parts, and must be able to miss school on Wed the 20th. CHECK NOW with your parents to make sure you are available. REMAINING CADETS are encouraged to attend the event at 4pm in your uniform, then head over to the squadron afterwards for our regular training night.


Registration & Attendance Cheques

Duty Officer: Capt Palumbo.

NO DUTY NCM for our first night – new policy to come into effect next week.

Bring a friend! Dinner is covered.

Dress: C2B for Sgts, FSgts, WOII; C4A for Cpl & FCpls

New Recruits: come as you are – dress instructions for interim will be discussed when you arrive.

Don’t Forget: we’re at our NEW LOCATION: 1875 Niagara Stone Rd  Niagara-on-the-lake, ON (Front doors of the Royal Elite International Academy) Doors will be locked, an 809 FSgt will let you in.

ALL documents pertaining to registration will be available upon arrival. For returning cadets, look online under cadet resources to find the most up to date CADET PLANNER and ANNEXES.

ATTENDANCE CHEQUES can be brought in tonight – Mrs Lett will be on hand to process them for you. CO’s Policies will be distributed along with the SSC Letter of Understanding regarding Fundraising. CHEQUE only – no cash.

REGISTRATION FEE: $60 per cadet for the OPC-ACL Assessment fee and $60 for one book of lottery tickets (which you can resell) will be able to be paid tonight. Cash or cheque only.


Registration & Welcome BBQ Tonight!

Join us tonight for our registration evening and Welcome BBQ. All cadets, returning and new, are welcome to join us for dinner in the parking lot/field adjacent to the cadet hall entrance beginning at 630pm.  We will also be having our Activity Fair, and the first ever viewing of the White Water Rafting Trip that our Level 4,5,6 Cadets attended in June 2016.

Dress for this evening is the same as last week:

Dress: WO2s, FSgts, and Sgts are in C2B (see below);


and FCpls, Cpls, LACs are in C4A (see below).


Timings: The building opens at 6:15pm and opening parade begins at 6:30pm. Closing parade is at 9pm and the building closed at 9:30pm

Registration paperwork: Returning Cadets
Please bring the following into the building with you when you drop off or pick up your cadet:

  • Health Card – verify with CI Ruttan that the info is correct
  • $120.00 cash or cheque registration fee
  • Attendance Fee cheques
  • All details can be found in the Air Cadet Planner 2016-17. READ it and print a copy for yourself if you’d like one.
  • CO’s Policies 2016-17
    There will be copies available for you to sign with the Sponsorship Committee Chairman/Treasurer and the Administration Officer, or you can print and bring in your own. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY THEY ARE REVISED FROM LAST YEAR! All parents will be required to sign the policies (both returning and new cadets) for EACH cadet.
  • Returning cadets will also receive a Annual Validation Form to be signed and returned next week

Registration paperwork: New Cadets
Please bring the following into the building with you when you drop-off or pick-up your cadet:

  • Health Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • $120.00 cash or cheque registration fee
  • Attendance Fee cheques
  • All details can be found in the Air Cadet Planner 2016-17.
    New cadets will be given a paper copy upon registration.
  • Your cadet can come dressed as they are, or in black pants, a white collared shirt (tie optional) and black shoes. This will become their required dress until they receive their uniform, about 4-6 weeks after the registration process is complete.
  • CO’s Policies 2016-17
    There will be copies available for you to sign with the Sponsorship Committee Chairman/Treasurer and the Administration Officer, or you can print and bring in your own. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY THEY ARE REVISED FROM LAST YEAR! All parents will be required to sign the policies (both returning and new cadets) for EACH cadet.

Inter-Flight Sports Competition & Recruiting Night

Join us tonight for our first inter-flight competition. SPORTS! Handball, Volleyball, Soccer.

RECRUITING NIGHT: bring a friend to find out what the Air Cadet program is all about. Their parents are welcome to attend. Social time with pizza for everyone at 8pm. Looking forward to seeing the competition tonight – remember the winning flight earns points toward the Top Flight Award.

Duty Officer
CI Thiffault

Sportswear. No uniforms! running shoes REQUIRED.

Wednesday Night Training

Duty Officer
Capt Lemoine

C2: All parade positions (Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1); C4: Everyone else (LAC, Cpl, FCpl)

Remember: next week is the Inter-Flight Sports Competition & Recruiting Night. Invite a friend out to join you as we get ready to crush the competition at the NAG Sports Comp on Sat 30 Jan 2016. All cadets are invited to attend! We need 7-9 cadets per sport: volleyball, hand ball, indoor soccer. Busing and lunch are provided.

TONIGHT! Mon Night Trg

Monday night training commences TONIGHT – Monday, 4 January 2016 at 7pm.

Drill Team from 7-8pm. Bring your wedge and parade boots.

Sports from 8-9pm. Dress appropriately: want to be on the Squadron Sports Teams for the NAG Sports Competition this month? Come out this week. Volleyball, Handball, Soccer – all the sports we need to practice in order to crush the competition.


TONIGHT & WEDNESDAY NIGHT: we are labeling recruiting materials. Do you have time to help? Cadets will receive community hours, just bring in your sheet. Parents will receive our eternal gratitude. 🙂


Wed Night Training, Parent Briefing & Gliding

This Wednesday night we begin our regular training. Check the calendar on the website for details and INSTRUCTORS check your email to ensure you are prepped for your lesson (no email? contact Lt Russell directly.) Registration is ongoing – come join us!

Duty Officer
Capt Lemoine

C2B: All parade positions (Sgt, FSgt, WO2); C4A: Everyone else (LAC, Cpl, FCpl)

Duty NCM report to the office upon arrival.

PARENT BRIEFING – starts at 815pm in classroom #1. 

Tonight we will be discussing training expectations, the new registration process, and Summer training applications. Please plan to attend – important information will help your cadet have the best possible experience this year.

SATURDAY: Gliding at the NOTL Airport. 9am – dress is civilian (sqn t-shirt, 809 Ball capp, jeans and running shoes. Bring a sweater – it gets cold out there). Bring a backpack with a snack, something to read, listen to. OCdt Couroux will be the Staff member on-site. Meet at the Airport terminal Building to be shuttled over to the launch area. Parents are welcome to join, but please bring a lawn chair. Cadets will be sent up as organized by the SOGC staff – please co-operate with them.

Welcome BBQ & Registration

Join us for our annual Welcome BBQ & Registration night.  Timings are the same as a regular cadet night: 630pm-915pm. Building will open at 615.

BBQ dinner of burgers and hot dogs will be served at 645. Come in to the parade square for attendance and uniform inspection first. Your parents can watch, then join us outside for the BBQ.

BRING A FRIEND (or two). Bring your parents, grandparents and siblings. Give them a look into what it is you do on a Wednesday night.

DRESS: for the Sgts, FSgts, and WOII: C-2B; for the LAC, Cpl & FCpls: C-4A

Following the BBQ we will have our annual rendition of NEWARK BINGO where you can get to know the squadron a little better, followed by some team building exercises and squadron drill.

SIGN-UP for the LEVEL 2 cadets for FISH FRY at the Legion will also be this week. We need your help: shifts begin this week, Thurs 17th of Sep.

NEXT WEEK: remind your parents that the first PARENT BRIEFING is on Wed, 23 Sep 15 at 815pm in classroom #1.