Wed Night Training, Parent Briefing & Gliding

This Wednesday night we begin our regular training. Check the calendar on the website for details and INSTRUCTORS check your email to ensure you are prepped for your lesson (no email? contact Lt Russell directly.) Registration is ongoing – come join us!

Duty Officer
Capt Lemoine

C2B: All parade positions (Sgt, FSgt, WO2); C4A: Everyone else (LAC, Cpl, FCpl)

Duty NCM report to the office upon arrival.

PARENT BRIEFING – starts at 815pm in classroom #1. 

Tonight we will be discussing training expectations, the new registration process, and Summer training applications. Please plan to attend – important information will help your cadet have the best possible experience this year.

SATURDAY: Gliding at the NOTL Airport. 9am – dress is civilian (sqn t-shirt, 809 Ball capp, jeans and running shoes. Bring a sweater – it gets cold out there). Bring a backpack with a snack, something to read, listen to. OCdt Couroux will be the Staff member on-site. Meet at the Airport terminal Building to be shuttled over to the launch area. Parents are welcome to join, but please bring a lawn chair. Cadets will be sent up as organized by the SOGC staff – please co-operate with them.