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Parent Briefing – 24 April 2019

Please accept my apology for the late clarification on timings and agenda.

Tonight’s parent briefing will begin at 1915h (7:15pm) and is expected to run half an hour to an hour. Basic agenda is as follows:

The Year to Date
May Activities
End-of-Year Trips
Summer Training
2019-20 Training Year
Future Plans
Suggestions and Questions

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

Parent Briefing Rescheduled

The parent briefing originally scheduled for tonight has been rescheduled to Wednesday, 17 Oct 2018 at 6:45pm to accommodate extended recruiting efforts. The primary focus of the parent briefings is to bring parents of new cadets up to speed with how things work and we’re hoping to have more of those before we actually kick things off properly.

The newly scheduled event can be found here: Fall 2018/19 Parent Briefing

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

Training This Week: Mon 25 & Wed 27 Sep


Flight Club will commence next Mon 2 Oct 17.

NOTE: please be aware that 2 independent inspections and a staff mtg will be taking place this evening. Capt Lemoine and Capt Palumbo will not be available to meet with parents. Please email/txt and they will make themselves available on Wednesday night if you need them.


PARENT BRIEFING: This is for all parents – especially new cadets – and will take approx. 45 mins. It is a good intro to all things that are happening this year at the sqn as well as an intro to our incoming Commanding Officer with timings etc.

Where: Gymnasium

Time: 645-730pm

VIMY MEETING: This meeting is MANDATORY for all VIMY participants & their parents/guardians.

WHERE: Gymnasium

TIME: 730pm-2015pm (immediately following the parent briefing)

Cadets and Parents/Guardians are requested to bring a pen/notebook.

MERIT REVIEW BOARD FILE REVIEW: All second year level 5 cadets (FSgt) and WOII Cadets will be required to do a file review in preparation for their interview on Wed 18 Oct 2017. Please meet with Capt Palumbo & Capt Lemoine at break to discuss the requirements.

Duty Officer
CI Thiffault

Duty NCM

FCpl Mannella

C2B: Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1
C4A: AC, LAC, Cpl, FCpl

BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE WEDNESDAY! Happy Birthday to all Cadets with a July, August & September Birthday. Thank you to CI Thiffault for baking the cupcakes!


Wed Night Training

DRESS REHEARSAL for our Annual Ceremonial Review this Sat. Oh, and it’s cupcake birthday night. 🙂

Duty O 
Capt Palumbo

Duty NCO

FCpl Nicolescu

C2B: Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1
C4A: AC, LAC, Cpl, FCpl

UNIFORMS! All you need to know is printed in CATO 55-04: (available to all cadets on the website) Air Cadet Dress Instructions. Check your pants for “railroad tracks”, your boots for dull spots, your dress shirt for proper crease position. Now is the time to be picky about how you look! Senior Cadets (Sgt & up) we will repeat the uniform inspection from last week. You know what needs to be fixed.

Mandatory Attendance May 24, 27 & 31. We have 2 Wed nights total remaining. Tonight we will be having our final Annual Parade Practice – it is a COMPLETE DRESS REHEARSAL run through of the parade (unfortunately, the Snowbirds Air show was cancelled for this week). We need everyone out so we are ready for our Annual Ceremonial Review Parade on Sat 27 May 2017 at 3pm. All cadets are required to attend in order to complete their level.

PARENT SUMMER TRAINING BRIEFING – NEXT WED 31 MAY 2017. 645pm in Classroom #1. All cadets that are attending summer training, must have a parent attend. The Cadet Squadron Commander Change of Command Parade will follow at 815pm.

Parent Meeting Wed 16 Nov – Summer Training

Just a reminder to all parents, that tomorrow night is our Summer Training Parent Briefing.

The briefing will begin at 630pm in classroom #1.

The following documents will be provided (but you may print your own if desired).

National Course Handbook: 2017-national-courses-hb-for-cadets-parents-v4-nov-11-2016_reduced (do not print this – 130 pages).

Info Pamphlet for Summer Training: 2017-air-ctc-info-pamphlet

Course Selection Worksheet: course-selections-for-summer-trg

Vimy 2017 100th Anniversary

Thank you to the parents who attended our first Parent Briefing of the training year. Please see attached PowerPoint presentation from the briefing to get up-to-date information on the organization and command structure of the cadet unit as well as information about the upcoming Recreational Trip to Vimy in October 2017.


The Vimy presentation includes the cost and payment schedule for the trip. First payment is due 2 Nov 16 to reserve your spot.


Parent Welcome Briefing & Vimy 2017

PARENTS: Join us for our first parent briefing on Wed 28 Sep to learn more about our cadet training year and what’s in store for your cadet this year. 630pm in Classroom #1.


VIMY 2017 – are you interested in going to France to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge? 809 Newark Squadron has been pre-approved to travel to England & France for a week in October 2017. Come out to hear about what the itinerary, cost and expectations are if your cadet wants to attend. Presentation begins immediately following parent briefing.

**NOTE: This is an optional trip, and all costs will be covered by the individual cadets & staff.

Parent Briefing & CSC COC

Duty Officer
Lt Russell

C1: All cadets


Summer Training Briefing begins at 1840 (6:40pm). All parents of cadets selected for summer training are required to attend.

Change of Command Parade for Cadet Squadron Commander begins at 2000 (8:00pm). Parents are encouraged to attend. Join us as we celebrate our outgoing and incoming CSC & DCSC. Cake & drinks for everyone.


PARENTS: Children’s Tax Credit NEW INFORMATION from CAF

From: Namiesniowski Col CR@VCDS D Cdts & JCR@Ottawa-Hull
Sent: December-08-15 1:00 PM

Subject: Children’s Fitness Tax Credit – Crédit d’impôt pour conditionnement physique des enfants


 To answer a query received from one of the regions on the subject, my staff  has done some research on the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit. Some of the activities offered by the Cadet Program could fall into the category that would be considered as eligible activities. However, in order to be eligible to claim a tax credit, the parent must actually incur expenses for their child to participate.

 Participation in the cadet program is free; parents have no expenses to incur for their child to participate. Although DND does not charge parents for their child to participate, certain Leagues do charge parents for services provided by the League or sponsoring committee.

Since it is DND that delivers the program, services provided by DND are provided without cost to the parents, therefore not eligible for consideration when determining eligibility for their children’s fitness tax credit. The League does not deliver the program to the cadets, any expenses they may charge would not be considered eligible.

RCSUs are to circulate this information down to the corps / squadron level where local commanding officers are to be directed to ensure that all parents are aware of this. Leagues are asked to ensure circulation to their provincial and local organizations. All should be aware of this clarification to avoid any unpleasant verifications with the Canada Revenue Agency.


Pour répondre à une requête reçue de l’une des régions relativement à ce sujet,  mon personnel a entrepris une recherche sur le crédit d’impôt pour la condition physique des enfants.  Parmi les activités offertes par le programme des cadets serait une des catégories qui seraient considérées comme étant des activités admissibles, toutefois pour être admissibles à ce crédit d’impôt, les parents doivent effectivement engager des dépenses pour que leurs enfants participent.

 La participation au programme des cadets est gratuite; les parents ont aucun frais à engager pour la participation de leurs enfants. Bien que le MDN ne facture pas les parents pour la participation de leurs enfants, certaines ligues facturent les parents pour des service fournis par la Ligue ou comité répondant.

 Puisque que le MDN offre le programme, les services fournis par le MDFN le sont sans frais pour les parents, donc pas éligibles pour considération lors de la détermination de l’admissibilité au crédit d’impôt pour conditionnement physique des enfants. Les ligues n’offre pas le programme des cadets et toutes dépenses qu’ils peuvent facturer ne seraient pas considérés comme éligibles.

  Les URS doivent faire circuler cette information jusqu’au niveau des corps/escadrons pour que les commandants reçoivent la direction de s’assurer que tous les parents sont conscients de cela.  Les ligues sont invités à assurer la diffusion à leurs organisation provinciales et locales.  Tous devraient être conscients de cette clarification afin d’éviter des vérifications avec l’Agence du revenu du Canada.

Colonel / Colonel Conrad Namiesniowski, CD

 Deputy Commander, National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group,

Canadian Armed Forces / Tel: 613-992-3382/ CSN: 992-3382

Commandant adjoint, Groupe de soutien national aux cadets et aux Rangers juniors canadiens,

Forces armées canadiennes / Tél. : 613-992-3382/ RCCC : 992-3382