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Virtual Training Joining Hours


Attn: All Cadets, Instructors and Staff
You might have noticed that as we are resuming the Virtual Training, our training periods have been reduced to only two instead of three.
That means that just like last year, the virtual training times will be:
1. Join the  809 Sqn Meet at 18:55 for the opening of the training night
2. Join your level class for Period 1 19:00 -19:35
3. Break 19:35 -19:40
4. Period 2: 19:40-20:25
3. Return to 809 Sqn Meet for closing 20:25- 20:40 
See you all tonight!
2 Lt Nicolescu
Training Officer


Aviation Exams Prep Session

Attention Level 3 and 4 Cadets,

The Google Meet link for the prep session has been posted in the Level 3 and 4 Classrooms.

The refresher starts at 10 am and goes up until around 1:30 pm. Please be punctual and log in the latest 5 minutes before the class. Be ready to ask questions, 2 Lt Silva will be happy to answer them all.

WO1 Abt will be present, please refer to him if you need assistance of any kind.

Good luck and have a great long weekend!

2Lt Nicolescu

Aviation Tests Refresher for Levels 3 and 4 Cancelled for Sat May 1st, 2021

Attention Level 3 and Level 4 Cadets

The refresher session for the Level 3 and 4 Aviation Subject Tests organised in conjunction with 87 Eagle Squadron Welland and scheduled for Saturday May 1st, 2021, has been cancelled.

We will put every effort to organize our own inhouse refreshers in the coming weeks, in case we will not be able to re-schedule a session with other squadrons.  Details to follow.

2 Lt Nicolescu – Training Officer


Effective Speaking Is Starting on Monday, Nov 30! Please read this message from Mrs. Gowans!

Effective Speaking Classes start online, on Monday, Nov 30 @ 7pm with CV Sandra Gowans.

To join the class, please follow the link below:

Please also read the following message from Mrs. Gowans:

“Welcome Cadets!

To be prepared for Monday’s class, I would like you to download the Effective Speaking Cadet Workbook .

Read the first two pages and complete the first assignment. 

Be sure to follow the framework as shown on the page 2 of the cadet workbook. 

I am looking forward to seeing you on Monday and hearing your first speech!

Have a great weekend!

CV Gowans”

The geography series continues! Memorize the Countries of Central America in less than 5 minutes!

For all our curious and studious cadets, we are continuing our educational series related to geography!

Remember that we previously posted videos for you to use in your personal time and we also covered the European countries together in our cadets’ virtual meeting at the beginning of May.

I am inviting everyone to another google meet for Thursday May 28 at 7 pm to go over the Central and South American countries together and also to catch up with other things of interest for you.

You can join the meeting by clicking the following link:

You can preview the Countries of Central America in the video below:

Hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow!

2 Lt Nicolescu

Memorize the Countries of South America in less than 5 minutes!

Quick note to thank all the cadets who participated in our 809 hangout meeting last night! Its was so wonderful to see all of you being well and, OMG, so much grown! The Paper Airplane Contest was really fun, I will let OCdt Couroux tell you all about that! I want to comment only on the geography portion of the night and I appreciate the interest and how quickly you all learnt the Countries of Europe! Also a shout out to FSgt Bell who absolutely impressed us with his geography knowledge!

To continue our educational series, here is the video to help you learn the 12 countries of South America in less than 4 minutes! We will discuss about South America in our next 809 cadets hangout- TBA.

Stay safe and stay curious!
2Lt Nicolescu

Learn the countries of Europe in less than 6 minutes!

While our wonderful Cadet Program which is widely recognised for helping cadets develop skills for life is currently on hold, there is no doubt that the Covid-19 physical distancing also provides the opportunity for our cadets to acquire knowledge and try out other activities. These are no less important for their lives and their communities. Some examples of such would be: helping neighbours in need, showing gratitude for front line workers, helping families with cooking or gardening, building financial literacy, learning history or geography and many more others.

We encourage cadets to think about and share their experiences during the isolation with fellow cadets and staff during the 809 Cadets zoom meeting on Wed, May 6th, 2020. Yes, that is the same meeting called by OCdt Couroux for the “Paper Airplane Contest”! We encourage everybody to participate, whether you build a plane or not!

We also launch another challenge for you: Learn the countries of The World and their capitals! Let’s do this in phases, more specifically by continent.

To help you, we have researched some YouTube videos containing the fastest and easier way to remember those names using mnemonics, which means silly stories meant to help you recall the information.

For now, let’s learn the countries of Europe in less than 6 minutes!

Once you’ve memorized  the countries, spend some time to look at flags and capitals in another 7 minutes.

Other similar videos for the rest of the continents to come soon!

You will have to opportunity to send us feedback and show off your knowledge during the zoom meeting on May 6th. Looking forward to seeing everyone then!