Welcome BBQ & Registration

Join us for our annual Welcome BBQ & Registration night.  Timings are the same as a regular cadet night: 630pm-915pm. Building will open at 615.

BBQ dinner of burgers and hot dogs will be served at 645. Come in to the parade square for attendance and uniform inspection first. Your parents can watch, then join us outside for the BBQ.

BRING A FRIEND (or two). Bring your parents, grandparents and siblings. Give them a look into what it is you do on a Wednesday night.

DRESS: for the Sgts, FSgts, and WOII: C-2B; for the LAC, Cpl & FCpls: C-4A

Following the BBQ we will have our annual rendition of NEWARK BINGO where you can get to know the squadron a little better, followed by some team building exercises and squadron drill.

SIGN-UP for the LEVEL 2 cadets for FISH FRY at the Legion will also be this week. We need your help: shifts begin this week, Thurs 17th of Sep.

NEXT WEEK: remind your parents that the first PARENT BRIEFING is on Wed, 23 Sep 15 at 815pm in classroom #1.