And so it begins…

I know everyone has been waiting to hear about how we’re beginning our 2021/22 training year and I’m excited to be able to outline our initial plans this morning. Obviously, some of this is tentative based on the state of current COVID-19 measures, but we’re optimistic that we can get back to in-person training in the next month. We’ll start with some virtual activities in preparation for a proper start and the approval of in-person training, but the bulk of these are administrative and shouldn’t take away from the program that we know and love.

Our first administrative matters will be annual validation forms and uniform exchanges. We’ll be sending out the validation forms for you to review and return over the next few days. For uniform exchanges, we’re going to have everyone fill out the sizing forms for both dress and field uniforms so that CI Dau can have everything ready for you on our uniform exchange nights this month. Links to those forms can be found below and we’re asking that those be filled out as soon as possible. Some items may need to be ordered and we want to minimize any unnecessary delays.

Dress Uniform / Dress Uniform Parts Request
Field Training Uniform

We’re also looking to welcome new cadets beginning on our first (tentative) in-person training night in October. If you know someone who you think would get a lot out of our program, bring them out that night or on any following training night.

Here’s our tentative outline for the first few months:

2021/9/15 – Staff/Instructors’ Training Meeting to Review the Year’s Training Plan
2021/9/22 – Administration Night, Uniform Exchanges, Instructional Techniques Review for Instructors
2021/9/29 – Administration Night, Uniform Exchanges, Instructional Techniques Review for Instructors
2021/10/6 – First In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/10/13 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/10/20 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/10/27 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/11/3 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/11/10 – In-Person Training Night – Remembrance Day Preparations (Tentative)
2021/11/11 – Remembrance Day Activities (Tentative)
2021/11/17 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/11/24 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/12/1 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/12/8 – In-Person Training Night (Tentative)
2021/12/15 – Annual Mess Dinner (Tentative)
2021/12/16 – 2022/1/6 – Winter Stand-Down (No Training)

The above schedule doesn’t include Monday night training activities and field training exercises. Once we have everything lined up for the regular schedule, we’ll be working to get these solidified as soon as possible.

Weekly Routine Orders outlining specifics will commence tomorrow and will outline any necessary adjustments to the above.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone and finally restarting our cadet program in full. Welcome back! I hope you’re all as enthusiastic as we are!

J Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS