Uniform / Uniform Parts Request

Good afternoon.

With the minimal contact restrictions that are in place for COVID-19, we’re having to alter our process for getting new uniforms and replacements for uniform items that no longer fit. Previously, an appointment would be made with the Supply Officer, who would take measurements and provide the necessary items. Now, we need to split some of that responsibility. The new procedure is as follows:

Cadets will take an inventory of what uniform parts they have and identify which no longer fit. They will then take their measurements, with the assistance of parents/guardians, as required, using the guide found here:

Logistik Unicorp Measurement Instructions

Once all of this is complete, cadets will fill out the “Uniform / Uniform Parts Request” form found here:

(You need to be logged into the web site to see the link.)

The Supply Officer, upon receiving the request, will contact the cadet if there are any questions and will then arrange for any items needed.

When the items are available, the cadet will be contacted and will bring the items to be replaced in a plastic bag to the next in-person training night. The Supply Officer will leave a plastic bag containing the replacement items at the Administration Desk for the cadet to collect.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties with the form or have any questions about the new process.

J Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS