Registration & Attendance Cheques

Duty Officer: Capt Palumbo.

NO DUTY NCM for our first night – new policy to come into effect next week.

Bring a friend! Dinner is covered.

Dress: C2B for Sgts, FSgts, WOII; C4A for Cpl & FCpls

New Recruits: come as you are – dress instructions for interim will be discussed when you arrive.

Don’t Forget: we’re at our NEW LOCATION: 1875 Niagara Stone Rd  Niagara-on-the-lake, ON (Front doors of the Royal Elite International Academy) Doors will be locked, an 809 FSgt will let you in.

ALL documents pertaining to registration will be available upon arrival. For returning cadets, look online under cadet resources to find the most up to date CADET PLANNER and ANNEXES.

ATTENDANCE CHEQUES can be brought in tonight – Mrs Lett will be on hand to process them for you. CO’s Policies will be distributed along with the SSC Letter of Understanding regarding Fundraising. CHEQUE only – no cash.

REGISTRATION FEE: $60 per cadet for the OPC-ACL Assessment fee and $60 for one book of lottery tickets (which you can resell) will be able to be paid tonight. Cash or cheque only.