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Uniform / Uniform Parts Request

Good afternoon.

With the minimal contact restrictions that are in place for COVID-19, we’re having to alter our process for getting new uniforms and replacements for uniform items that no longer fit. Previously, an appointment would be made with the Supply Officer, who would take measurements and provide the necessary items. Now, we need to split some of that responsibility. The new procedure is as follows:

Cadets will take an inventory of what uniform parts they have and identify which no longer fit. They will then take their measurements, with the assistance of parents/guardians, as required, using the guide found here:

Logistik Unicorp Measurement Instructions

Once all of this is complete, cadets will fill out the “Uniform / Uniform Parts Request” form found here:

(You need to be logged into the web site to see the link.)

The Supply Officer, upon receiving the request, will contact the cadet if there are any questions and will then arrange for any items needed.

When the items are available, the cadet will be contacted and will bring the items to be replaced in a plastic bag to the next in-person training night. The Supply Officer will leave a plastic bag containing the replacement items at the Administration Desk for the cadet to collect.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties with the form or have any questions about the new process.

J Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

LHQ Set-Up at REIA

We have approximately 2 weeks left of school summer vacation before we start-up again in our new location at the Royal Elite International Academy.

Capt Palumbo will be heading into the squadron space and spending some time sorting through the myriad boxes, bins and shelves we have. For those that have time during the work week (when the school is open), she would love some company aka heavy lifters.

The following dates:

  • Thurs 24th & 31st of August 1130am-230pm, and
  • Tues 5 & Wed 6th of September 1130am-230pm.

Most of the supply uniforms and admin office is already in place. It is more the training end of things – namely everything that needs to go into the gymnasium storage. As well as all the recycling from all of those boxes.

Txt Capt Palumbo if you can help out: 289-783-1942. (Just be sure to include your name) 🙂


  • Wed 6 Sep 2017 Welcome Back BBQ

  • Wed 13 Sep 2017 NOTL Supper Market & Drill Team Display

  • Sat 16 Sep 2017 Bottle Drive 0900-1600hrs

  • Sun 17 Sep 2017 – Cenotaph Rededication Ceremony NOTL 1015-1145am

  • Wed 20 Sep 2017 Snowbirds at NOTL Airport

New Local Headquarters (LHQ)!

We have begun our move over to our new LHQ:

1875 Niagara Stone Road, NOTL at the Royal Elite International Academy (formerly the NDSS)

A HUGE thank you to Mr Tony Hendriks (Past Sponsor Chair), CI Serge Carbone (Training Assistant), Mr. Gary Zalepa (Sponsor Chair), and Mr Cory Abt (Parent Extraordinaire) for all of their hard work to get the storage area shelving built and installed, as well as the supply hanging area.  Special mention to CI Ruxa Nicolescu (Admin O), for hauling admin files and helping to set-up the supply and admin offices. Volunteer power is the best! #CRU809

Supply Storage area (adjacent to gymnasium)

Supply & Admin Offices (near classrooms)

Sqn FREE Uniform Alteration Night

In an effort to ensure that the squadron is at its best for the upcoming events, I would like to offer to shorten any of the cadets’ pants on Wednesday the 22nd of February (THIS Wed night).

They should bring both their boots and their uniform pants so that they can be properly measured.

I will bring my sewing machine, iron & ironing board so that I can hem them.

Any that need lengthening – and have material in the hem to do it – I am also willing to alter.


CI Heather Thiffault

WINTER FTX – Sat 28 Feb & Sun 1 Mar 2015

Please find the schedule for our wknd training here: Annex A – schedule.

We are geared up for a fun wknd of all things cool about Air Cadets. Instructors look for some help here: 2015 Winter FTX – Instructor Guidelines. Remember: think outside of the classroom!

Dress: Field training uniform: olive drab CF combats with cadet rank, black combat boots, blue beret, OPTIONAL – OWN PURCHASE –  (for direction see this document under DRESS REGULATIONS: CADET FIELD TRAINING UNIFORM); or Appropriate civilian clothing for the weather; OFFICERS: CADPAT

Arrival no earlier than 8am. Bring yourself, your kit as per the kit list here: Annex C – Personal Kit List for Feb 2015 X; a full belly, and a hot beverage cup (no cup = no hot chocolate). Pick up on Sunday is at 2pm.

PARENTS: you can help by baking/buying treats for snack-time. NUT FREE please. And anyone that wants to attempt a GLUTEN/DAIRY-FREE option, that would be great too.

Missing Cadet Kit

Several times a year, Cadet clothing items go “missing”. Usually they have been mistakenly taken home by another cadet.

Currently, we have one Cadet Parka – FCpl Lett’s – that has most likely gone home to the wrong house. Please check your parka and bring his back if you have it. Thanks!

Parents: if there are other items at your house that do not belong to your cadet, please bring them in to either CI Thiffault or OCdt Couroux so they can be returned to their rightful owner or be re-issued.


CO’s Parade Update

CADETS: CO’s Parade last night was a good example of the efforts our cadets have been making toward improving their uniforms. Check out the link if you need a little more help with your boots. Don’t forget that haircuts are required for males. Ladies – your hair was perfect last night, keep up the good work. We have 2 cadets poised to surpass Capt Jarrell’s boot perfection – I know you can do it!

Parents: I issued a challenge to your cadets: 30 mins a week outside of our parade night for Cadet Drill & Uniform improvement. Given the workload at school and other team commitments, I suggested they take 10 mins 3X a week – 10 mins per boot, and another 10 mins practicing drill in the house. Don’t worry, they can call the commands in their heads – but should use a mirror to practice their salute, and practice attention, stand at ease, and marching in the hallways. Boots are not required. We have approx 3.5 months until Annual Ceremonial Review to make our Parade Drill the best it can be, and only 2 months until the NAG Drill Competition!

I am looking forward to the results. Should your cadet need any help with their uniform, they can refer to the website Dress Regulations, talk to their Flight Commander, or speak with OCdt Couroux – he knows more about uniforms than I do. Together, we can encourage them to be their absolute best. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns,

T. Palumbo


CO 809 Newark Sqn


Wed 3 Sep 14 First Regular Training Night

All returning cadets: join us for the first night back at Air Cadets for the 2014-2015 training year. 1830-2100hrs. Dress: summer uniform (dress blue shirt, pants and boots for EVERYONE).  Don’t forget your rank on your blue shirt and your name tag. This week is ONLY for our returning cadets.

BOTTLE DRIVE: Sat 6 Sep 14 – we need you for the whole day. Bottle pick up, sorting and loading. All are going to need as many cadets as possible – and your parents too! 9am-4pm. Dress: sqn t-shirt, jeans/shorts, running shoes,sqn ball cap.

Next Wed: Sep 10th is our Welcome Back BBQ – bring your friends, your younger siblings and your parents for a night to kick off the year. BBQ is from 1830-1930hrs. Then the activity fair – featuring 809 Sqn Bingo – followed by a closing parade.