CO’s Parade Update

CADETS: CO’s Parade last night was a good example of the efforts our cadets have been making toward improving their uniforms. Check out the link if you need a little more help with your boots. Don’t forget that haircuts are required for males. Ladies – your hair was perfect last night, keep up the good work. We have 2 cadets poised to surpass Capt Jarrell’s boot perfection – I know you can do it!

Parents: I issued a challenge to your cadets: 30 mins a week outside of our parade night for Cadet Drill & Uniform improvement. Given the workload at school and other team commitments, I suggested they take 10 mins 3X a week – 10 mins per boot, and another 10 mins practicing drill in the house. Don’t worry, they can call the commands in their heads – but should use a mirror to practice their salute, and practice attention, stand at ease, and marching in the hallways. Boots are not required. We have approx 3.5 months until Annual Ceremonial Review to make our Parade Drill the best it can be, and only 2 months until the NAG Drill Competition!

I am looking forward to the results. Should your cadet need any help with their uniform, they can refer to the website Dress Regulations, talk to their Flight Commander, or speak with OCdt Couroux – he knows more about uniforms than I do. Together, we can encourage them to be their absolute best. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns,

T. Palumbo


CO 809 Newark Sqn