WINTER FTX – Sat 28 Feb & Sun 1 Mar 2015

Please find the schedule for our wknd training here: Annex A – schedule.

We are geared up for a fun wknd of all things cool about Air Cadets. Instructors look for some help here: 2015 Winter FTX – Instructor Guidelines. Remember: think outside of the classroom!

Dress: Field training uniform: olive drab CF combats with cadet rank, black combat boots, blue beret, OPTIONAL – OWN PURCHASE –  (for direction see this document under DRESS REGULATIONS: CADET FIELD TRAINING UNIFORM); or Appropriate civilian clothing for the weather; OFFICERS: CADPAT

Arrival no earlier than 8am. Bring yourself, your kit as per the kit list here: Annex C – Personal Kit List for Feb 2015 X; a full belly, and a hot beverage cup (no cup = no hot chocolate). Pick up on Sunday is at 2pm.

PARENTS: you can help by baking/buying treats for snack-time. NUT FREE please. And anyone that wants to attempt a GLUTEN/DAIRY-FREE option, that would be great too.