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Range Team Competition Tomorrow

Correction to Wednesday’s announcement about tomorrow’s range team competition:

Only the five competing members of the team should show up at the Lake Street Armouries tomorrow. The spare members of the team should not be in attendance.

Please accept my apology for the confusion and join me in wishing the best to our team as they compete tomorrow.

809 Range Team Zone 6/7 Marksmanship Competition 2017

Although we had a few issues at competition this year – a busted valve (no air compression = no power behind the shot = the pellets don’t make it to the target), and not being able to modify our butt plates for standing, our team still placed a solid 9th place! Top ten is a great place to start. 

Team members were up bright and early, ready for their two opportunities to fire four targets. Two prone, two standing. 70% of each member’s score was from prone, the other 30% from standing.

Here are some photos from the competition day. Thanks to everyone who came out and cheered – and to the Competition armourer who fixed the faulty rifle! Also thank you to CI Carbone who took the time to find parts, lubricate rifles, and support us behind the scenes.

Congratulations to our team members: FSgt Lett (Captain), FSgt Zalepa, Sgt Couroux, Cpl Abt & Cpl Hill. Well done!


Zone 6/7 Marksmanship Competition

Friendly reminder to the Range team:

Tomorrow morning meet at 8am at 23 Sqn (8 Napier St) in St. Catharines. You are responsible for arranging transportation there and back (we should be done by 4pm).

Dress: comfortable pants, running shoes, RANGE HOODIE (and a shirt underneath for actually firing in)

BRING: A backpack with stuff to do: cards, music, book, snacks

If you forgot your permission form, have your parents sign one with Capt Palumbo upon arrival

Capt Palumbo has the rifles, scope, ear defenders,  eye protection. Lunch will be provided by the comp.

Parents are welcome to come on out and watch – text Capt Palumbo after 9am if you want approx times of firing for our team. Best of luck to our team members!


Wed Night Training

Duty Officer
CI Lemoine

C2: Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1
C3: AC, LAC, Cpl, FCpl

Great practices to everyone that participated on the weekend – the Range Team is READY! Sunday is our competition – parents are welcome to come and spectate.

TAGGING IS THIS WKND – schedule will be confirmed tonight with all cadets. We still have spots open for SUNDAY.

809 Range Team Selections

Without further ado, Capt Palumbo is happy to announce the 2017 Zone 6/7 Range Team Competitors for 809. Congratulations!

Seniors: (ages 15 & over)

  • FSgt Lett
  • FSgt Zalepa
  • Sgt Couroux

Juniors: (under age 15)

  • Cpl Abt
  • Cpl Hill


  • WOI Lavoie

All team members are expected to attend the RANGE TEAM PRACTICES on Monday nights from 8-9pm – 20 & 27 March – as well as a Range Team practice on Sat 25 March 2017 – TO BE CONFIRMED. The actual competition is on Sunday, 2 April in St. Catharines from 8am to 4pm.

HOODIES: required wear for the team – SSC has covered 50% of the cost. $25 per cadet owing. (Same as last year – if you already have one, a new one is not required) Please bring $$ in before competition.

Thank you to all cadets who tried out for the team.

Zone 6/7 Range Competition DATE CHANGE

The Zone 6/7 Range Competition has been moved to the first weekend in April. More details to follow.

This is EXCELLENT news for our Range team: no conflict with our Training Wknd in February, AND more time to practice.

So far, we have had 8 cadets try-out for the Range Team.

Shooting target

There is still time to try-out in the coming weeks. Don’t be shy: come on out and see if you can beat FSgt Zalepa, who is currently our top shot with groupings of 1.7cm!!

For those interested in earning their Marksmanship Badge, the levels are as follows:

(1) Marksman: Each group must be
within a circle of 3 cm in

(2) First Class Marksman: Each
group must be within a circle of
2.5 cm in diameter;

(3) Expert Marksman: Each group
must be within a circle of 2 cm in
diameter; and

(4) Distinguished Marksman: Each
group must be within a circle of
1.5 cm in diameter.

Monday Night Training

Join us for a busy night:

Drill Team 7-8pm – in the gymnasium, dress is civilian with drill boots and wedge

Flight Club 8-9pm – in classroom #3

Effective Speaking 8-9pm – in classroom #1

Rifle Team Try-Outs 8-9pm – in the gymnasium, will coincide with Flight Club & Effective Speaking, each cadet will have at least two relay chances (four targets) to fire. All cadets welcome to try-out – RANGE COMPETITION is the SAME day as the FTX. Cadets that are selected for the range team will be expected to make their own way to 23 Sqn HQ in St. Catharines, then will be transported by Capt Palumbo to the FTX at the end of the comp.

NO OTHER training will be taking place at the squadron. Classrooms #2 & #4 will be off limits – except during canteen break.

Winter FTX

We are all excited about the upcoming FTX weekend in Grimsby – but make sure you know where you’re supposed to be, when and with what. You must be logged in to view names/timings associated with particular cadets.


  • FRI 1815 (615pm) at our Squadron Cadet Hall (LHQ). Bus departs at 1830hrs (630pm).
  • SUN Bus departs Grimsby at 1400hrs (2pm) with  return to the LHQ at 1440hrs (240pm).
  • parents please have arrangements made for your cadet to be picked up asap once the bus arrives.


  • ANNEX C KIT LIST read this – it is actually important.
  • bring sunglasses – it’s going to be sunny.


  • make sure you grab the range bag from the office
  • each of you must PERSONALLY inspect your rifle case to make sure you have your rifle, sling, eye protection and any other pertinent article
  • ensure your rifle is loaded onto the cargo van to be transported to the FTX
  • bring a backpack with snacks, something to read/do.
  • lunch is provided at the competition
  • Capt Palumbo will be driving the cadets to and from the range competition directly from the FTX on Saturday morning and returning Saturday afternoon to the FTX
  • parents of range team are welcome to attend and watch: Lake St Armouries in St. Catharines. Text Capt Palumbo for timings:


  • we will train rain/shine/snow so please come prepared to participate and have fun
  • Health Cards must accompany cadets
  • an evening snack will be provided on Fri night
  • for parents sending baked goods, please clearly label any containers so they can be returned to you – NUT FREE please (And we like brownies. And Timbits. A lot.)


  • Capt Palumbo is making two stops for pick up.
  • no other cadets are permitted on the advanced party.
  • dinner will be provided for the advanced party.



Marksmanship Results

I would like to congratulate the Range Team on their hard work over the past few months.  There was immense improvement since the first shots fired in November.

We placed 5th of 9 between air, army and sea cadets. Our combined score was 996/1600.  1st place was 1165/1600; a difference of 169 points.  To put it into perspective, if each shooter scored 1-2 higher in each of the prone targets, we would have gotten 1st.

One member was 8th overall of all participants, and another 6th overall for the juniors.

Well done!