809 Range Team Zone 6/7 Marksmanship Competition 2017

Although we had a few issues at competition this year – a busted valve (no air compression = no power behind the shot = the pellets don’t make it to the target), and not being able to modify our butt plates for standing, our team still placed a solid 9th place! Top ten is a great place to start. 

Team members were up bright and early, ready for their two opportunities to fire four targets. Two prone, two standing. 70% of each member’s score was from prone, the other 30% from standing.

Here are some photos from the competition day. Thanks to everyone who came out and cheered – and to the Competition armourer who fixed the faulty rifle! Also thank you to CI Carbone who took the time to find parts, lubricate rifles, and support us behind the scenes.

Congratulations to our team members: FSgt Lett (Captain), FSgt Zalepa, Sgt Couroux, Cpl Abt & Cpl Hill. Well done!