Zone 6/7 Marksmanship Competition

Friendly reminder to the Range team:

Tomorrow morning meet at 8am at 23 Sqn (8 Napier St) in St. Catharines. You are responsible for arranging transportation there and back (we should be done by 4pm).

Dress: comfortable pants, running shoes, RANGE HOODIE (and a shirt underneath for actually firing in)

BRING: A backpack with stuff to do: cards, music, book, snacks

If you forgot your permission form, have your parents sign one with Capt Palumbo upon arrival

Capt Palumbo has the rifles, scope, ear defenders,  eye protection. Lunch will be provided by the comp.

Parents are welcome to come on out and watch – text Capt Palumbo after 9am if you want approx times of firing for our team. Best of luck to our team members!