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Weekly Routine Orders – Week of 9 Dec 2018

9 Dec 2018

RO Number

We had a great showing at Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Santa Claus Parade yesterday. 809 Newark was given the first position in the parade and asked to form a flag party to start things off. We flew the Canadian flag, the Niagara-on-the-Lake town flag, and our own squadron banner as we and Snoopy (“Curse you, Red Baron!”) led the parade through the streets to the tune of “Snoopy’s Christmas” by The Royal Guardsmen. A big thank you goes out to Turkstra Lumber for providing the truck for our display; to Vintage Hotels for the loan of decorations; to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 124; to Lt Russell and all supporting members of the staff and sponsorship committee; and our cadets for another successful parade.

Our extra-curricular activities are done for the calendar year and we’re starting to slow things down as we approach our winter stand-down from 20 Dec 18 to 6 Jan 19, but there are still a few things happening:

  • Our effective speaking program will be continuing on Monday nights until 17 Dec.
  • We have a Merit Review Board on 10 Dec for FSgts and WO2s wishing to be considered for promotion.
  • We have our December CO’s Parade on 12 Dec with a few things to announce.
  • We have our formal Squadron Mess Dinner on 19 Dec to end the first part of our training year on a high note.

We’re still looking for new cadets to join our ranks, so if you know anyone who might be interested in what we do as a squadron, bring them out on 12 Dec. It’s a light training night and they get to see some of our pomp and ceremony, too.

Training Night
12 Dec 2018

CAF Member Dress
3B (1A for CO’s Parade)

Cadet Dress
C1: All Cadets

Training Night Routine

Activity Timings
Building Open, Parade Setup 1815-1830
Fall-in, Inspection, Opening Parade 1830-1845
Period One 1845-1920
Period Two 1925-2000
Break 2000-2015
Period Three 2015-2050
Clean Up Training Areas and Parade Square 2050-2100
Fall-in, Closing 2100-2115
Dismissal 2115

Duty Personnel
Duty Officer: OCdt Couroux

Training Night Schedule

Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
Level One PO/EO M107.05a M107.05b CX20.01
Description General Cadet Knowledge General Cadet Knowledge CO’s Parade
Level Two PO/EO C240.02a C240.02b CX20.01
Description Aerospace Aerospace CO’s Parade
Level Three PO/EO C308.01 M307.03 CX20.01
Description Drill General Cadet Knowledge CO’s Parade
Level Four PO/EO M403.05a M403.05b CX20.01
Description Leadership Leadership CO’s Parade

This Week’s Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
10 Dec 2018 1900-2100 Monday Merit Review Boards (for FSgts and WO2s) 809 HQ (CNC) C1 Capt Lemoine
10 Dec 2018 1900-2100 Monday Optional Training Night
(Effective Speaking)
809 HQ (CNC) Civilian Capt Lemoine
12 Dec 2018 1830-2100 Wednesday Mandatory Training Night
(CO’s Parade)
809 HQ (CNC) C1 OCdt Couroux

Upcoming Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
17 Dec 2018 1900-2100 Monday Optional Training Night
(Effective Speaking)
809 HQ (CNC) Civilian Capt Lemoine
19 Dec 2018 1830-2100 Wednesday Annual Squadron Mess Dinner Grace United Church C8  

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

Training Night and Merit Review Boards (Updated)

Duty Officer
CI Carbone

C2B: Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1
C4A: AC, LAC, Cpl, FCpl

The training schedule can be found on this evening’s calendar entry here.

Merit Review Boards
In addition to our regular training this evening, there will be a set of Merit Review Boards for promotion from WO2 to WO1 and from FSgt to WO2. We are planning interviews as follows for the eligible cadets.

  1. WO2 Giansante
  2. FSgt Griffin
  3. FSgt Lett
  4. FSgt Zalepa

All interviews will be 10-15 minutes long. Dress for the interview is C1, so participating cadets should bring their tunic (with medals) and tie on a hangar.

The Area representative for the board is Maj Lisa LaCombe. There will be two other members on the board:

  1. At least one representative from OPC: a member of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee; and
  2. A staff officer from the squadron: not the Commanding Officer (CO).

The following information will be presented to the board:

  • A copy of the Cadet’s FORTRESS record;
  • The cadet’s personnel file;
  • Attendance records for the cadet as published from FORTRESS for the last two years;
  • All previous Cadet Summer Training Centre (CSTC) course reports;
  • A listing of the national, regional and Niagara Air Group (NAG) directed activities they have participated in the last two years;
  • Uniform inspection marks for the previous training year;
  • Any blue and/or red chits as found in their personnel file; and
  • Any other pertinent information the CO wishes the board to consider.

Cadets should have a quick review of C407.01 prior to their MRB.

Training Night Tonight

Duty Officer
OCdt Couroux

C2B: Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1
C4A: AC, LAC, Cpl, FCpl

Year 2 Level 5 Cadets: File Review for the Merit Review Board process this evening. You will need to ask for your file from CI Nicolescu during a period of the evening that you are not instructing. Anticipate that this should take approx 15 mins. Any/all errors are to be reported to CI Nicolescu with post-it notes (provided) attached to document in question with note for change required. Merit Review Board (MRB) for WOII and WOI promotions is scheduled for Wed 18 Oct 17 jointly with 87 Sqn from Welland at our LHQ.

VIMY TRIP departs tomorrow! Best wishes and safe travels to all our Cadets, Staff and Sponsoring Committee members who are travelling to honour the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge.

Monday Night Training is CANCELLED due to Thanksgiving Holiday – have fun and try not to eat too much turkey. We’ll see you back next Wed.

A reminder to cadets and parents: please ensure there is an Officer on-site before leaving your cadet at the Squadron. Our cadets need to be supervised while at cadet trg and inside the school. The Duty Officer is at the squadron by 615pm – but must open all rooms/lights etc and cadets should not arrive prior to 620pm.

Training This Week: Mon 25 & Wed 27 Sep


Flight Club will commence next Mon 2 Oct 17.

NOTE: please be aware that 2 independent inspections and a staff mtg will be taking place this evening. Capt Lemoine and Capt Palumbo will not be available to meet with parents. Please email/txt and they will make themselves available on Wednesday night if you need them.


PARENT BRIEFING: This is for all parents – especially new cadets – and will take approx. 45 mins. It is a good intro to all things that are happening this year at the sqn as well as an intro to our incoming Commanding Officer with timings etc.

Where: Gymnasium

Time: 645-730pm

VIMY MEETING: This meeting is MANDATORY for all VIMY participants & their parents/guardians.

WHERE: Gymnasium

TIME: 730pm-2015pm (immediately following the parent briefing)

Cadets and Parents/Guardians are requested to bring a pen/notebook.

MERIT REVIEW BOARD FILE REVIEW: All second year level 5 cadets (FSgt) and WOII Cadets will be required to do a file review in preparation for their interview on Wed 18 Oct 2017. Please meet with Capt Palumbo & Capt Lemoine at break to discuss the requirements.

Duty Officer
CI Thiffault

Duty NCM

FCpl Mannella

C2B: Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1
C4A: AC, LAC, Cpl, FCpl

BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE WEDNESDAY! Happy Birthday to all Cadets with a July, August & September Birthday. Thank you to CI Thiffault for baking the cupcakes!


Drill Team, Sports, Effective Speaking & MRB

Don’t forget: Drill Team 7-8 pm (dress civilian with parade boots and wedge)

Sports 8-9pm

Effective Speaking 8-9pm

MRB (Merit Review Board) for our FSgts – 7pm start. Should be done by 930pm. Dress is C-1 no whites. We will be conducting them with 126 and 128 squadron cadets as well. Please be welcoming – candidates can wait in classroom #1. Interviews will be in the Sponsor Room.