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Monday Night Training – Halloween Theme & Movie

Hello 809 Squadron,
I hope everyone is having a great weekend. This Monday’s optional training will have a Halloween theme and there will be a (mild) Halloween appropriate movie (PG). Wear a costume and come out to have some fun. Timings are as usual (1900-2100). All cadets and staff are encouraged to attend for a little fun.

See you tomorrow night
Lt Dan Couroux
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

Familiarization Flight Reminder – Saturday, 07MAY2022, 0700hrs

Good evening,

Sorry about the late message.   Here’s a quick reminder to the cadets taking part in tomorrow’s familiarization flight.

  1. MANDATORY: Be at the squadron headquarters no later than 0700 tomorrow AM (07MAY2022)
  2. MANDATORY: Wear the appropriate uniform (C5 is the dress of the day.   If you don’t have a complete C5 uniform, C3B is permitted – also providing it’s complete.   Last resort = black pants & white shirt)
  3. MANDATORY: Wear your issued face mask
  4. MANDATORY: Bring your provincial health card
  5. MANDATORY: Bring a bottle of water and snacks for the day,
  6. SUGGESTED: Bring something to do on the bus
  7. SUGGESTED: Bring a phone or camera so that you can take pics of your experience

Please be advised, failure to follow the MANDATORY directions WILL result in being turned away.   The SUGGESTED items are not required, however they will make your day much more enjoyable.  I will have a COVID screening declaration for you to sign once you arrive.

Please remind your parents to stick around after they drop you off, until they’re released, so that we can make sure they’re available to bring you home should the need arises.

I’m not sure when we’re returning, so please advise your parents that I’ll be asking each of you to call home when we’ve left London for home, which is about a 2hr warning.  I’ll then get you to call them when we’re about 1/2hr out from the headquarters so they can meet you when we arrive.

Have a great evening everyone.  I’m looking forward to an exciting day of flying with each of you tomorrow.


Lt Couroux

Monday Night Cooking

Good evening, Cadets.

As many know there was a cooking club announced and we are eager to start, this being said we need to gather a list of attendees. So if everyone could email in a little message by Friday night saying “Hey, I’m interested.” I’ll jot you into the plans so that we can begin in January.

WO2 Abt

The geography series continues! Memorize the Countries of Central America in less than 5 minutes!

For all our curious and studious cadets, we are continuing our educational series related to geography!

Remember that we previously posted videos for you to use in your personal time and we also covered the European countries together in our cadets’ virtual meeting at the beginning of May.

I am inviting everyone to another google meet for Thursday May 28 at 7 pm to go over the Central and South American countries together and also to catch up with other things of interest for you.

You can join the meeting by clicking the following link:

You can preview the Countries of Central America in the video below:

Hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow!

2 Lt Nicolescu

Cadet Learning Portal

Good Evening 809,

The CAF has just opened up a Cadet Learning Portal.  It’s a tool that provides cadets with access to resources and links to activities that complement the Cadet Program.  Cadets are encouraged to explore the resources available and stay tuned for more information and learning opportunities that will be coming soon.

Youtube Promotional Video:

Cadet Learning Portal Website:

OCdt Couroux

Memorize the Countries of South America in less than 5 minutes!

Quick note to thank all the cadets who participated in our 809 hangout meeting last night! Its was so wonderful to see all of you being well and, OMG, so much grown! The Paper Airplane Contest was really fun, I will let OCdt Couroux tell you all about that! I want to comment only on the geography portion of the night and I appreciate the interest and how quickly you all learnt the Countries of Europe! Also a shout out to FSgt Bell who absolutely impressed us with his geography knowledge!

To continue our educational series, here is the video to help you learn the 12 countries of South America in less than 4 minutes! We will discuss about South America in our next 809 cadets hangout- TBA.

Stay safe and stay curious!
2Lt Nicolescu

Learn the countries of Europe in less than 6 minutes!

While our wonderful Cadet Program which is widely recognised for helping cadets develop skills for life is currently on hold, there is no doubt that the Covid-19 physical distancing also provides the opportunity for our cadets to acquire knowledge and try out other activities. These are no less important for their lives and their communities. Some examples of such would be: helping neighbours in need, showing gratitude for front line workers, helping families with cooking or gardening, building financial literacy, learning history or geography and many more others.

We encourage cadets to think about and share their experiences during the isolation with fellow cadets and staff during the 809 Cadets zoom meeting on Wed, May 6th, 2020. Yes, that is the same meeting called by OCdt Couroux for the “Paper Airplane Contest”! We encourage everybody to participate, whether you build a plane or not!

We also launch another challenge for you: Learn the countries of The World and their capitals! Let’s do this in phases, more specifically by continent.

To help you, we have researched some YouTube videos containing the fastest and easier way to remember those names using mnemonics, which means silly stories meant to help you recall the information.

For now, let’s learn the countries of Europe in less than 6 minutes!

Once you’ve memorized  the countries, spend some time to look at flags and capitals in another 7 minutes.

Other similar videos for the rest of the continents to come soon!

You will have to opportunity to send us feedback and show off your knowledge during the zoom meeting on May 6th. Looking forward to seeing everyone then!

809 Newark Sqn Paper Airplane Contest – Wednesday, May 6…1900

Scramble, scramble, scramble…Aircrews, man your planes…

Hey 809….We’re looking to you to become designers of some funky, maybe practical, but also fun paper airplanes. We’ll be reviewing them on a Zoom meeting on Wednesday, May 6. We’ll pick out winners of 3 categories..

1/ Most realistic design….WW2 warbird…Canadian Forces Aircraft….Civilian Airliner….Whatever. Design and build a paper airplane model.  Colour it so that it looks as realistic as possible. Don’t worry about flight on this. It’s the look that counts.

2/ Most Fantastic Funky Fliers… Go all out with a crazy design. Take something from a movie….a cartoon… or just from the top of your head. Design something spectacular to show off. If it flies…well bonus.

3/ Best practical design. This is where we put together a paper airplane that’s born to fly. The airplane with the best flight characteristics gets the heads up on everyone in this category.

809 will get together on Wednesday May 6 at 1900 via Zoom (invitations will go out to take part).   Here you can show off your creation, talk about your influences and show how much air your flier can get.  Send me your email addresses so I can send you an invite.

We’d like everyone to take part.  Even if you’d prefer being an observer.  Let me know.

Have fun with this and bring your A-game.  Show the squadron who the best of the best is.

OCdt Couroux.