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Commander Farewell

On the eve of their retirements, both Brigadier-General Cochrane and Chief Warrant Officer Crawford have messages to share with Cadets,JCRs, and all the staff, and volunteers that support that support these programs

Here’s the link to the change of command parade, to be held tomorrow (September 21) at 1300, along with the messages.

OCdt Couroux

Change of Command:

Brigadier-General Chochrane’s message to cadets:

Chief Warrant Officer Crawford’s message to cadets:

RCAF – Virtual Battle of Britain Parade

Hi Everyone,

The Royal Canadian Air Force is conducting a virtual Battle of Britain ceremony coming up on Sunday September 20, 2020 at 10:30am EDT. The ceremony will be hosted at the Beechwood National Military Cemetery in Ottawa and, weather permitting, will feature a  fly past of Second World War aircraft. 

For those of you that are interested in viewing the ceremony, Details can be found at the RCAF Facebook page under upcoming events.

Below is a short video introduction from Defence Team News and the RCAF. 

I encourage everyone to have a look as the Battle of Britain is a key part of RCAF history.

OCdt Couroux, DG
809 Newark RCACS


Cadet Learning Portal

Good Evening 809,

The CAF has just opened up a Cadet Learning Portal.  It’s a tool that provides cadets with access to resources and links to activities that complement the Cadet Program.  Cadets are encouraged to explore the resources available and stay tuned for more information and learning opportunities that will be coming soon.

Youtube Promotional Video:

Cadet Learning Portal Website:

OCdt Couroux

Reminder – 809 Paper Airplane Contest and Get Together – Wednesday May 06 @ 1900

Hi Everyone,

Putting out a quick reminder that the paper airplane contest is tomorrow night.  Remember, There are 3 different categories to submit your entry:

1/ Most realistic design….2/ Most Fantastic Funky Flier…..3/ Best practical design

We’d like everyone to take part, even if they don’t have a plane to submit.

If you haven’t already done so, please send me your email address so I can provide you with the access to take part.  My email is

For more information, the original post can be found here:

809 Newark Sqn Paper Airplane Contest – Wednesday, May 6…1900


Also, 2Lt Nicolescu challenged everyone to learn the countries of Europe in less than 6 minutes.  We’ll see how you made out after the paper airplane contest.  Here’s the original post:

Learn the countries of Europe in less than 6 minutes!

See everyone tomorrow night.

OCdt Couroux.

Level 3 Aviation Subjects PC

Hello Level 3’s,
Just a reminder that the aviation subject PC is due for completion by 9pm tonight.  You should be receiving a notification through your email.   If you don’t receive a notification, or you’re having issues accessing the PC, please let me know. You can reach me by email at

Good luck.

OCdt Couroux, DG
Training Officer
809 Newark RCACS

809 Newark Sqn Paper Airplane Contest – Wednesday, May 6…1900

Scramble, scramble, scramble…Aircrews, man your planes…

Hey 809….We’re looking to you to become designers of some funky, maybe practical, but also fun paper airplanes. We’ll be reviewing them on a Zoom meeting on Wednesday, May 6. We’ll pick out winners of 3 categories..

1/ Most realistic design….WW2 warbird…Canadian Forces Aircraft….Civilian Airliner….Whatever. Design and build a paper airplane model.  Colour it so that it looks as realistic as possible. Don’t worry about flight on this. It’s the look that counts.

2/ Most Fantastic Funky Fliers… Go all out with a crazy design. Take something from a movie….a cartoon… or just from the top of your head. Design something spectacular to show off. If it flies…well bonus.

3/ Best practical design. This is where we put together a paper airplane that’s born to fly. The airplane with the best flight characteristics gets the heads up on everyone in this category.

809 will get together on Wednesday May 6 at 1900 via Zoom (invitations will go out to take part).   Here you can show off your creation, talk about your influences and show how much air your flier can get.  Send me your email addresses so I can send you an invite.

We’d like everyone to take part.  Even if you’d prefer being an observer.  Let me know.

Have fun with this and bring your A-game.  Show the squadron who the best of the best is.

OCdt Couroux.

Levels 3 & 4 Aviation Subject Review

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that the aviation subject review will take place tomorrow night in google classroom from 1900 to 2000.  Those cadets who have contacted Capt. Lemoine to set up an email address should have received an invite to the review.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL.   You’ll need to log into the google classroom with your email address as well, and enter your google classroom code as per the invite.

For those of you who haven’t contacted Capt Lemoine, and want to take part in tomorrow night’s review, please contact him as quickly as possible.

Let me know if you have any questions.  My email address is

OCdt Couroux.

Winter Warfare Basic – Part 2 – Friday, 31JAN20 – Sunday, 02FEB20

We’ve now completed part 2 of the Winter Warfare Basic course offered by the Lincoln and Welland Regiment.

Soldiers from the Regiment, Cadets and Officers assembled at the Regiment headquarters at the Lake Street Armoury on Friday evening where we prepped for the FTX portion of the course. The trucks were packed and we headed out to our new home for the weekend…..the Winona Rifle Range in Grimsby. We arrived at about 2100hrs and pitched our tents, set up our stoves and lit our lanterns. We then began our evening routine and settled in. For those doing fire picket duty throughout the night, the 0600hrs reveille came early.

At 0600, we struck our tents, packed our gear, ate breakfast and got ready for the day. Practical lessons in pitching/striking tents, over land navigation, pacing, and improvised shelters were conducted. All of this done along side of the troops from the Regiment. The cadets tried IMP’s, the CF version of the infamous MRE. The consensus was that the MRE’s should be ditched for the more preferred IMP

Night time meant sleeping in our lean-to shelters (in the out doors w/ with the occasional snow flake hitting you in the face as you slept). Cadets took turns conducting fire picket. Each group stoked the 8′ long fire and kept the rest of the troops warm. Thanks to those brave souls.

Sunday morning meant tearing down the camp, and putting out fires. We towed the sleds down to the waterfront for a signal fire demonstration. Following this, we headed to the butts of the range, where we went over winter defenses. There was a mouse on hand that showed us just how well they worked. We then raced down to the side of the range (with the sled in tow) where we raced against the Regiment to set up camp, boil water and present Capt Christensen with a hot beverage. The good Captain then instructed us to strike camp & proceed to the entrance of the range where we had to compete again a second time.

After the competition was completed, we put on the snow shoes for one more turn around the range. We then packed up the sleds, had lunch, cleaned up and got on the busses for the return trip to the Armoury. Kit was returned and final comments were made. We all went home tired, but grateful for the experience.

Congratulations to WO2 Gowans and FSgt Abt for completing the course. Hope you had a great time. A big thanks goes out to Capt Christensen and the Regiment for having us out. We’re looking forward to the next outing with the Lincs.


Ice Wine Bottle Pick Up

Thank you to all the cadets and parents who helped with the bottle pick up at the Ice Wine Festival in Old Town on Sunday.
The group was very efficient and we collected and sorted three bins worth bottles in only an hour and a quarter.
Your help and enthusiasm is much appreciated.

Best Regards
CV Dau