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809 Gets in a Great Day of Gliding

WOW!  Couldn’t ask for a better day for gliding.  10 cadets from 809 Sqn, along with cadets from 79 Sqn in Port Colborne, journeyed up to the Central Niagara Airport for a morning of flying.  When not flying, cadets participated as members of the ground crew.  As an added bonus, we watched skydivers throughout the morning and also had a visit by a Piper Cub in USAF D-Day colours.  What a great way to end off a busy weekend.

Sports Competition Ending Early

Well, it looks like the competition will be ending earlier than planned.  We were originally looking at returning around 5:30pm, now it looks like the timing will be closer to 4:30pm.

I’ll post another notification if that timing changes.  Please check back prior to picking up your cadet.


OCdt Couroux

Kit List for Fall FTX – Nov 23, 24 & 25

Here’s the kit list for the upcoming FTX.  Keep in mind that this is late November.  There will be chances of snow, rain and even freezing rain, so make sure you have the appropriate items to keep you dry and warm.

Make sure to include the following items, along with the items in the kit list mentioned further below.

  • waterproof – winter weight coat and pants,
  • Waterproof – winter weight boots – Not Shoes!.
  • Several pairs of socks
  • Water resistant gloves
  • Toque.

Note: For cold weather, it’s always better to dress in layers. If you get too warm, you can remove layers to prevent yourself from sweating.  Sweating will cause you to eventually get cold and uncomfortable.  Keeping yourself warm and dry will be essential to a safe and fun experience.

We’ll be sleeping in cabins this time around so it should make things more comfortable.  We’ll also be supplying CAF issued sleeping bags, so there’s no need to take this with you.  Remember! One cadet, one kit.  Make sure you can carry and keep track of your own belongings.

Here’s the kit list:

23-25 Nov 18


  1. All cadets should be in possession of the following clothing and equipment in order to ensure a safe, productive, and enjoyable training exercise:
    1. Ontario Health Card (This is a MUST!)
    2. T-shirts (6)
    3. Pants, Preferably Quick Dry (No Jeans) (4)
    4. Sweater or Sweatshirt (3)
    5. Underwear (4)
    6. Pairs of Socks (8)
    7. Jacket (Waterproof May be Necessary) (1)
    8. Hat (1)
    9. Boots (No Shoes, Waterproof) (1)
    10. Pillow (1)
    11. Face Towel and Body Towel (1)
    12. Flashlight (1)
    13. Sunglasses (1)
    14. Sunscreen (1)
    15. Chapstick
    16. Large Water Bottle (Filled with WATER, BPA-Free) (1)
    17. Toiletries and Personal Hygiene Items
    18. Appropriate Sleeping Attire
    19. Prescription Medication (ONLY ENOUGH FOR WEEKEND; Notify Officer Staff Immediately Upon Arrival at Camp Wetaskiwin)
  2. Please note that due to the nature of the weather this time of year it is difficult to account for all personnel kit items. Please use appropriate discretion with packing and follow the weather reports up until departing for the exercise. We will train rain or shine. Please also take into consideration that we will be sleeping in tents and the amount of personal kit space is very limited.
  3. The following optional equipment may be brought:
    1. Camera
  4. Do NOT bring any of the following:
    1. Expensive jewelry
    2. Money
    3. Knives
    4. Non-Prescription Medication ( Advil, Tylenol)
    5. Cell Phone

NOTE: We are not responsible for lost or broken items, and have a zero tolerance for theft.

Any questions, please ask any one of the staff members.

CI Couroux

Effective Speaking – Timeline of Events and Competition Outline

Hi Everyone,

Mrs Gowans would like everyone to be aware of the following 2 documents.  Please follow the link below each description to download the files

1/ Effective Speaking Timeline 2018 – A schedule of events throughout 2018-19

2/ Outline for Effective Speaking Speech – A guide to help cadets plan their speech

Please consult Mrs Gowans if you have any questions


CI Couroux


Effective Speaking – Monday, Nov. 5 1900hrs-2000hrs

Hi Everyone,

As per our previous discussions, Mrs Gowans will be preparing cadets for the upcoming Effective Speaking Competition.

All cadets are encouraged to attend.  It’s suggested that levels 2 and 3 make every effort to attend and take part.  Not only is this an essential part of your training, the lessons you learn from taking part in this experience will stick with you for life and will help you as you progress in your careers when you become adults.

At the bottom of the post are the topics for the competition.  Please look over the topics and research one that appeals to you.  Be prepared to commit to a topic for the class this Monday night.

Also, please go to the following link to download the cadet workbook.  Mrs Gowans would like you to complete the first assignment for Monday’s class, which is basically introducing yourselves following the framework provided in the workbook under assignment 1.  This will be your first prepared 2-3 minute speech and will be about yourselves.

The following are the competition topics:

1. What is a Canadian?
2. 3D Printer Technology – how will it impact our future?
3. Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
4. How is today’s technology causing gaps in communications?
5. How will legalizing cannabis affect our society?
6. Why should cadets be involved in fundraising for the program?
7. The positive and negative effects of advances in technology.
8. What happened to the Avro Arrow and is it time for a new one?
9. Peer pressure amongst today’s youth – fact or fiction?
10. What is the importance of gender equality in today’s youth?
11. How could the cadet program fill the gap in the aviation industry?
12. Cadet’s Choice of Topic on either of the Categories:
a. Cadet Life
b. Science and Technology
c. Aviation
d. Canadian History or Citizenship

Speeches are to be 5-6 minutes in length.
Cadets are to review above topics, research the topic, and choose and commit to a topic by November 5th, 2018.

Please direct your questions to Mrs Gowans.  Have fun with this.

CI Couroux