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Happy Birthday Your Majesty

From the Royal Family’s Facebook page:

Today is The Queen’s 95th birthday.
The Queen was born at 2.40am on 21 April 1926 at 17 Bruton Street in Mayfair, London. She was the first child of The Duke and Duchess of York, who later became King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
This year Her Majesty remains at Windsor Castle, during a period of Royal Mourning following the death of The Duke of Edinburgh.

OCdt Couroux

Prince Philip Passes – He was 99

Hi everyone,
Passing along sad news. Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband & the Duke of Edinburgh, passed away this morning, peacefully at Windsor Castle. He was 99. Prince Philip was a large supporter of youth programs and established the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, a program which a lot of cadets, including myself, have participated in. Follow this link for more information.

Prince Philip Passes

OCdt Couroux

2835 RCACC – Female Leadership Day

Details of the upcoming Female Leadership Day on 25 Jan 2020 are enclosed in the Warning Order below. As previously discussed, this event has been well received in previous years and comes highly recommended.

Interested cadets should email me as soon as possible so that I can forward your information to Lt Lyons-Perry.

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

1085-3-3 (TrgO)

1 Dec 2019

Dist List



  1. 2835 RCACC will be hosting a female cadet leadership day on 25 Jan 2020.


  1. This is optional training to expand knowledge, improve leadership skills through team building activities, participate in workshops with guest speakers to specifically target female cadets.


  1. All Cadets, are to report to the Niagara Falls Armoury, located at 5049 Victoria Ave. Niagara Falls NLT 1200 on 25 Jan 2020.
  2. Dismissal will be at 1700 on 25 Jan 2020.


  1. The capacity for the event is female cadets per corps/squadron please provide Lt Lyons-Perry, with their anticipated number of female cadets attending NLT 22 Jan 2020.
  2. Health cards and permission forms, attached herein as Annex A, must be brought with cadets attending to the event.
  3. Staffing
    Each attending corps/squadron is required to provide at least one (1) female escort to the activity. Contact the OPI if you do not have a female escort available and would like to participate.
  4. Dress
    For all shall be appropriate civilian attire, although we do encourage the wearing of corps/squadron swag.
  5. Transportation
    Travel to and from the armoury (located at 5049 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON) will be parent drop off and pick up. Enter through the back door and proceed up the stairs to the second floor on 25 Jan 2020.
  6. Meals
    Cadets are to ensure that they have eaten lunch prior to arriving at the armoury. Additionally, as the event ends at 1700 visiting cadets are to eat supper at home upon return.
  7. Snacks and Canteen
    Cadets should bring their own snacks and drinks. Canteen will be open at breaks during the training day if cadets wish to purchase items. Prices range from $0.50 – $1.00 per item.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

K Lyons-Perry


126 Air Cadets
103 Sea Cadets
2966 Army Cadets
68 Army Cadets
613 Army Cadets
128 Air Cadets
1626 Army Cadets
358 Sea Cadets
23 Air Cadets
87 Air Cadets
62 Air Cadets
809 Air Cadets
337 Air Cadets

2835 Support Committee

2835 RCACC Female Leadership Day Permission Form

Wed Night Training

Duty Officer
CI Thiffault for CI Ruttan

REMEMBER: Canteen will be run by FSgts Lett & Zalepa. No other cadets are to ask for the canteen box or access the food. This is a leadership tasking requiring your assistance: let them do what they know they need to do.

C2: Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1
C3: AC, LAC, Cpl FCpl

We had an awesome first practice for NAG Sports Competition: thanks to our team captains and members. We have our next practice on MONDAY NIGHT: immediately following Drill team. 8-9pm in the gymnasium. There will be NO other trg at that time. ALL cadets on the sports teams are expected to attend.

Bravo Zulu

Bravo Zulu, also referred to as “BZ,” is a naval signal, typically conveyed by flag hoist or voice radio, meaning “Well Done”; it has also been used as part of vernacular slang within NATO and other Allied naval forces. – Wikipedia.

A BIG BZ to WOII Lavoie, FSgt Giansante, FSgt Lett & FSgt Zalepa for participating in our Town Council Delegation on Monday night. They certainly represented all that we aspire to in the Air Cadet Program: speaking with confidence, enthusiasm and a genuine love for everything they have accomplished in our Squadron.

Thank you for giving our Town Council a glimpse into what the Air Cadet Program can do for the Youth of NOTL!