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2019/2020 Ground School Begins Tonight

For those of you who signed up for 23 Squadron’s Ground School tonight, I have a location update.

Classes will be held at Pine Grove Public School (690 Lake Street, St. Catharines, ON L2N 4J5) and not at 23 Squadron HQ as previously indicated.

Students should be at the school with their materials no later than 1815 (6:15pm) for an 1830 (6:30pm) start.

Good luck to each of you on this year’s studies!

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

Flying Scholarship Ground School

For Glider Pilot and Power Pilot Scholarship 2020 Applicants:

809 Cadets who are eligible to participate (age 15 for GPS, age 16 for PPS), and have transportation to 23 Squadron in St. Catharines (beginning Thursday), are to contact sign up here.

We don’t know how many spots are available right now, so signing up is not a guarantee of a spot. Priority will be based primarily on whether a cadet will be applying for the GPS or PPS this training year and then on a first-come, first-served basis.

Date: Thursdays
Time: 1900-2100
Location: 23 Squadron, Lake Street Armoury, St. Catharines, ON

Required study materials to be purchased by students:

From the Ground Up Textbook
From the Ground Up Workbook
ICAO Chart Ruler
Douglas Protractor

Remember that you need to be signed into the web site in order to see the sign-up sheets.

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

Ground School for Summer Pilot Training Courses

FLYING SCHOLARSHIP 2018 APPLICANTS: 809 Cadets who are eligible to participate (age 15 for Glider, age 16 for Power), and have transportation to Fort Erie (beginning tomorrow), are to contact Capt Palumbo TONIGHT.

337 and 79 are joining forces to provide their gliding and flying scholarship candidates with a ground school program and we would like to extend an invitation to all NAG Squadrons.  I am aware that some squadrons may already have other arrangements, but if you don’t please fell free to join us.

We are asking that cadets who attend be eligible to apply for a gliding or flying scholarship this training year, and come prepared with sufficient note taking materials (paper, pens, etc.) and a package of cue/index/recipe cards.

  • Date: Thursdays (beginning this week)
  • Time: 1900-2100
  • Location: 337 LHQ – Fort Erie Leisureplex Lions Banquet Hall, 3 Municipal Centre Drive, Fort Erie

I am asking that you respond only if you have cadets who would be attending and let us know numbers so that we can ensure we have the proper meeting space available.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank those cadet flying site and squadron staff who were carrying the torch of the NAG ground school for the past years.  Your hard work and dedication to our cadets is appreciated.



Captain / Capitaine Nicholas Chevalier, CD

Commanding Officer 337 ‘Allan Troup’ Squadron – Fort Erie

Canadian Armed Forces

PO Box 459 Fort Erie, ON L2A 5N2

Tel: 905-871-2775 / Cel: 905-650-3278

Commandant Escadron 337 ‘Allan Troup’ Squadron – Fort Erie

Forces Armées Canadiennes

PO Box 459 Fort Erie, ON L2A 5N2

Tél: 905-871-2775 /  Tél Cell: 905-650-3278

Monday Night Training

DRILL TEAM: 7-8pm – wear your drill boots and wedge

FLIGHT CLUB: 8-9pm – Capt M Palumbo from the Niagara Flying Site (where we go gliding), will be out tonight to work on cross-country, touch-and-go and more complicated map and simulator flying skills.

SPORTS: 8-9pm – Let loose inside and out of the rain. Floor hockey, soccer and dodgeball. Running shoes required – no jeans.

Flight Club has taken off!

Do you have an interest in flying? Flight Club has started on a more formal learning curve this week.

Tonight we: Calculated distances from airport to airport, calculated time to destination, measured the degrees for your heading to your destination and return, partial simulated flight from St. Catharines to Hamilton.

Join us next Monday night from 8-9pm in classroom #3 as we build on what we learned this week.

NAG Ground School 2016-17

Good morning NAG CO’s,

On behalf of the group of instructors that are willing to instruct ground school to your cadets for the 2016-2017 training year, I have attached the schedule we are going to use to help prepare them for the 2017 Qualifying Exam. SEE SCHEDULE HERE: nag-groundschool-2016 IT STARTS THIS THURSDAY 15 SEP 16 IN WELLAND.

Ground school will be run in a similar fashion as the past years, except we will be starting 30 minutes earlier this year.  All evening sessions will commence at 1830hrs, and run through 2100hrs.

We invite all cadets that are eligible for the 2017 GPS and PPS courses to attend.  We will also invite anyone that would be eligible for the 2018 GPS and PPS courses to attend, such that they can start learning the material. IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR THE COURSE, CADETS MUST ATTEND GROUND SCHOOL.

Please share this with the cadets in your Squadrons that are interested in participating. CADETS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN TRANSPORTATION. CAR-POOLING IS RECOMMENDED.

We would also ask that you please discuss with the interested cadets of your Squadrons that ground school is serious, and there is a ton of material to get through to prepare them for the exam.  Fooling around, not paying attention or being a disturbance in the class will result in them being asked to leave and not attend any future classes.  The group of instructors know that each of them understand this, but we have had situations in the past that have caused concerns, so we ask that you please ensure they are clear on this.

Please have the cadets contact you if they have any questions.  We are looking forward to supporting each of your Squadrons in running this ground school.


Maj L. Norio

Gliding Centre Commander – Niagara

Flying Scholarship Ground School

Flying Scholarship Ground School continues tonight at 809 Sqn LHQ

7-9 pm. Dress: civilian casual (809 Sqn t-shirt & ball cap would be perfect!).

You will meet in classroom #1.

If you are from 809 Sqn and participating, please be helpful as the instructors adjust to their new location. Capt M. Palumbo, CD will be opening the building.