Flying Scholarship Ground School

For Glider Pilot and Power Pilot Scholarship 2020 Applicants:

809 Cadets who are eligible to participate (age 15 for GPS, age 16 for PPS), and have transportation to 23 Squadron in St. Catharines (beginning Thursday), are to contact sign up here.

We don’t know how many spots are available right now, so signing up is not a guarantee of a spot. Priority will be based primarily on whether a cadet will be applying for the GPS or PPS this training year and then on a first-come, first-served basis.

Date: Thursdays
Time: 1900-2100
Location: 23 Squadron, Lake Street Armoury, St. Catharines, ON

Required study materials to be purchased by students:

From the Ground Up Textbook
From the Ground Up Workbook
ICAO Chart Ruler
Douglas Protractor

Remember that you need to be signed into the web site in order to see the sign-up sheets.

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS