Bottle Drive & NCO Trg Day

  • Don’t forget: TOMORROW is the first Bottle Drive: Sat 12 Sep at the VanNoort Greenhouses (corner of Hunter and Creek Rds) 0900 hrs to 1600 hrs – we need ALL hands on deck: parents to drive and sort, and cadets to collect and load the trucks. Lunch is provided.
  • DRESS: jeans, squadron t-shirt (navy blue with 809 spray painted on it), sqn ball cap (you should have received this either last year or this past wed), running shoes.
  • Level 3-5 Cadets – we will transition from the Bottle Drive to the NCO Trg Joint Trg Day with 79 Sqn immediately following. Dinner and breakfast and lunch the next day, will be provided for you. You will be completed training by NLT 1600hrs Sunday 13 Sep. Kit list HERE: NCO trg day kit list & timings
  • Cadets may move directly from the bottle drive to the NCO trg day, or go home, shower and grab their kit before arriving. Dinner is at 6pm – all cadets are expected to arrive between 530-6pm.
  • All training for the NCO Trg Day will take place at the Squadron Headquarters.
  • Dress: For Saturday night: civilian appropriate. For Sunday: UNIFORM – bring it on a hanger. See kit list above for details.