Welcome Back to 809 Air Cadets!!

First day of school tomorrow and first night back at Cadets this WEDNESDAY 9 Sep 15 at the Old Virgil Public School.

  • Dress: WOII, FSgt, Sgt are in C2B; and FCpl, Cpl, LAC are in C4A
    (check the website under CADETS – DRESS REGULATIONS – to look that up so you’re wearing the right order)


  • Timings: 615pm the building is open. Opening parade at 630pm. Closing parade at 9pm. Building closed at 930pm
  • Registration paperwork: PARENTS of RETURNING CADETS – please bring the following into the building with you when you drop-off or pick-up your cadet:
  • Registration paperwork: PARENTS of NEW CADETS – please bring the following into the building with you when you drop-off or pick-up your cadet:
    • Health Card
    • Birth Certificate
    • $150.00 cash or cheque registration fee
    • Attendance Fee cheques
    • ALL DETAILS HERE: Air Cadet Planner 2015-16 NEW CADETS (new cadets will be given a paper copy upon registration)
    • Your cadet can come dressed as they are, or in: black pants, a white collared shirt (tie optional) and black shoes. That will become their required dress until they receive their uniform – about 4-6 weeks after the registration process is complete.
  • CO’s Policies 2015-16 – there will be copies available for you to sign with the Sponsoring Committee Chairman/Treasurer and the Administration Officer (or you can print and bring in your own). PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY THEY ARE REVISED FROM LAST YEAR! All parents will be required to sign the policies (both returning and new cadets) for EACH cadet.
  • Don’t forget: this weekend is the first Bottle Drive: Sat 12 Sep at the VanNoort Greenhouses (corner of Hunter and Creek Rds) 0900 hrs to 1600 hrs – we need ALL hands on deck: parents to drive and sort, and cadets to collect and load the trucks. Lunch is provided.IMG_4539IMG_4538







  • Level 3-5 Cadets – we will transition from the Bottle Drive to the NCO Trg Joint Trg Day with 79 Sqn immediately following. Dinner and breakfast and lunch the next day, will be provided for you. You will be completed training by NLT 1600hrs Sunday 13 Sep. Kit list will be distributed this Wednesday night.