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Wed Night Training & Summer Training Applications

Tonight’s training schedule is a carry over from 9 Nov (which was cancelled due to the Vigil). We also have a unit visit from Lt(N) Desnoyers – our new Zone Training Officer. Be sure to welcome her with our usual 809 Esprit de Corps.

Duty Officer
CI Ruttan

C2: Sgt, FSgt, WO2
C3: AC, LAC, Cpl, FCpl

Note the change to the order of dress for the AC, LAC, Cpl & FCpl above. Numbered orders of dress are available under RESOURCES – CADETS on the website.

For those cadets that did not receive a copy of the sign-up for Summer Training last week, there is one here: course-selections-for-summer-trg that you can print yourself and bring in, or you can get one tonight at the office. The list of available summer training courses is here: 2017-air-ctc-info-pamphlet.The info for NATIONAL COURSE HANDBOOK is here:2017-national-courses-hb-for-cadets-parents-v4-nov-11-2016_reduced. And if you didn’t see the Power Point presentation made to parents last week, it is here:parent-mtg-air-cadet-summer-training-applications.

FORWARD – interactive poster newsletter

Forward March

1085-15-1 (DCOS Strat Plans)

1.         Attached to this e-mail is the March issue Forward, our interactive poster newsletter aimed at spreading Renewal ideas and encouraging forward thinking in the Canadian Cadet Organizations.

2.         We received some great responses from our readers this past month and we are looking forward to hearing more from you this time around. Moving into March, we are asking readers to tell us what they love about the programs, and join our ongoing conversation about Cadet Recognition and Rewards.

3.         Forward is a linked PDF – clicking on any of the white boxes will automatically take you to more online content related to the story. Readers may need to log in to the CCO net or the extranet portal to see some links.

4.         This interactive version can be shared online via social media or websites. This newsletter can also be printed out and displayed at the corps or squadron or patrol location, where cadets, JCRs and adult staff and volunteers can easily see the information as printed. Find out more by scanning the QR code to access the digital (clickable) version on personal devices via the extranet.

5.         To access Forward when scanning with a tablet or smartphone, follow these steps:

a.         scan the QR code and log in to the extranet portal; and

b.         if a story interests you, click the white box around it to connect.

6.         Thanks to everyone who has been sharing our newsletter and social media posts! Questions and feedback are always welcome at

Colonel / colonel Conrad Namiesniowski, CD

Deputy Commander, National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group,

Canadian Armed Forces / Tel: 613-992-3382/ CSN: 992-3382