Wed Night Training & Summer Training Applications

Tonight’s training schedule is a carry over from 9 Nov (which was cancelled due to the Vigil). We also have a unit visit from Lt(N) Desnoyers – our new Zone Training Officer. Be sure to welcome her with our usual 809 Esprit de Corps.

Duty Officer
CI Ruttan

C2: Sgt, FSgt, WO2
C3: AC, LAC, Cpl, FCpl

Note the change to the order of dress for the AC, LAC, Cpl & FCpl above. Numbered orders of dress are available under RESOURCES – CADETS on the website.

For those cadets that did not receive a copy of the sign-up for Summer Training last week, there is one here:¬†course-selections-for-summer-trg¬†that you can print yourself and bring in, or you can get one tonight at the office. The list of available summer training courses is here: 2017-air-ctc-info-pamphlet.The info for NATIONAL COURSE HANDBOOK is here:2017-national-courses-hb-for-cadets-parents-v4-nov-11-2016_reduced. And if you didn’t see the Power Point presentation made to parents last week, it is here:parent-mtg-air-cadet-summer-training-applications.