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About Lt Russell

809 Newark Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron Training Officer -received my commission in 2002 -joined Air Cadets with 294 Kingsmen Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron in 1992

B21 Raider Rollout Livestream

For those interested, the live stream starts at 2000 hrs tonight.

“The Air Force will reveal the B-21 Raider Dec. 2 during an unveiling ceremony hosted and sponsored by the Northrop Grumman Corporation at its production facilities in Palmdale, California.”

To Return or Not To Return

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to commit the great conquest
A cadet career
Or pursue other paths
The chance of being 809
Of being immortal
(sorry I couldn’t help myself)

Good Morning Everyone,

In Capt. Lemoine’s recent WRO he requested all returning cadets send an email to me ( indicating your intentions for cadets this year.  I have only received one email thus far and I do hope we will have more than just one cadet returning.

Please ensure this email is sent before 1900 (7pm) today, so that this can be apart of our staff discussions.

Have a great day.

M. Russell
809 Newark RCACS

Seniors Trip 2019

Good Day All,
Just a reminder; If you’re participating in the Senior’s trip this year, we will be at the LHQ tonight to work on pulling squadron kit and packing the trailer.  Please join us as we have a battle ahead of us trying to sort out the Sea Can supply situation.

We will work out trip muster point and timing then.

M. Russell
Deputy Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

TRAINING CANCELED; Wednesday 6-February-2019

Good Day All,

Following the lead of the School Boards and many public institutions all activities and training for tonight (6-Feb) will be canceled.

Effective Speaking Competition will be rescheduled for next week, Wednesday 13-February-2019.

Stay home; Stay safe. We’ll see you next week.

M. Russell
Deputy Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS


Santa Claus Parade

Reminder for all cadets attending the Santa Claus Parade:


  • 8:00 am for those coming for float set up
  • 9-9:30 for everyone else (the later your are the less likely you’ll be able to drive in)


  • Be 124 Legon parking lot.


  • C3 with parka and touque and gloves.
  • Unless directed otherwise by WO2 Couroux

See you all tomorrow morning.

Lt Russell, CD


809 Rafting Trip

Bravo Zulu to OCdt Dan Couroux for an AMAZING job in organizing our most recent trip to Owl Rafting on the Ottawa River. A great time was had by all, and wouldn’t have happened without his organizing and chasing.

We are all home tired and ready for some down time. I hope everyone has a great time at summer training. See everyone in the fall.

Level 4 Leadership Presentation

All Level 4’s are reminded to be prepared for their presentation on a leader of their choice.
Please ensure you contact the office tonight if you require any multimedia devices for your presentation (which I hope you do!)

We’re all looking forward to seeing who you’ve chosen and why.

M. Russell
Training Officer
809 Newark Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron

Fall Field Training Exercise – Routine Order

Good Evening All,

We are all excited about the upcoming FTX weekend in Wetaskiwin Scout Camp – but make sure you know where you’re supposed to be, when and with what.
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  • Arrival: Friday 27 October @ 1900 (7:00pm)
    – cadets are expected to arrive already fed Supper
  • Departure: Sunday 29 October @1430 (2:30pm)
  • Location: Wetaskiwin Scout Camp: 3072 Scout Camp Road, St Catharines, ON L2R 6P7
  • Pickup and drop off are by own means


Last Wednesday a copy of our Field Training Exercise (FTX) Kit List was handed out.  You will find all items included in that list below along with two significant additions.

– Hot drink container (travel mug or similar)

– Field Mess Kit (camping plate + Knife, Fork, Spoon)


Annex C – Personel Kit List for Oct 2017


  • we will train rain/shine/snow so please come prepared to participate and have fun
  • Health Cards must accompany cadets
  • an evening snack will be provided on Fri night

Parents: We are putting out a request for baked goods and or snacks for the cadets.
– please clearly label any containers so they can be returned to you
NUT FREE please (And we like brownies. And Timbits. A lot.)


-Advanced Party members, timings and meeting will be handled off line.

Training Night Tonight (11-Oct)

Tonight will be a relaxed night of Range, Sports and potentially a Video from the recent BBC documentary “Astronauts: Do You Have What it Takes

Normal Parade Night timings in effect

All Cadets: Civilian Sports attire


A reminder to cadets and parents: please ensure there is an Officer on-site before leaving your cadet at the Squadron. Our cadets need to be supervised while at cadet trg and inside the school. The Duty Officer is at the squadron by 615pm – but must open all rooms/lights etc and cadets should not arrive prior to 620pm.