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Good day, 809,

Little late on this one, but bear with me.

To the best of my knowledge there are 3 big milestones this week with regards to our Military:

1/ In Flanders Fields, the poem we’ve all grown to know well as symbolizing the remembrance of our fallen soldiers, was written on May 3, 1915 by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrea of Guelph, Ontario. He was inspired to write it after presiding over the funeral of a friend of his, and fellow soldier, Alexis Helmer during the Second Battle of Ypres during World War 1. “In Flanders Fields” was first published on December 8, 1915 in the London magazine “Punch”.
More on the history of this important poem can be found here:

In Flanders Fields

2/ Happy birthday to the RCN. The Royal Canadian Navy was born on May 4, 1910. It was founded as the Naval Service of Canada and given royal sanction on 29 August, 1911. More about the history on the Royal Canadian Navy can be found here:

Royal Canadian Navy

3/ The 76th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic.  In keeping with the Navy, and partnering with the RCAF,  The first Sunday in May (May 2nd this year) marks the day where we remember the participants of the Battle of the Atlantic. The battle occurred throughout World War 2 and has been observed by the RCN and RCAF for since 1945.  

Battle of the Atlantic

That’s it for now. See you all Wednesday night. And, before I forget, May the 4th be with you.

OCdt Couroux
809 Newark RCACS