DCO’s Corner – Mother’s Day, Germany Surrenders & VE Day

Good Day 809.

This weekend was packed with special days to be observed. 

WW2 – Germany Surrenders
On May 7, 1945, Germany surrenders to the Allied armies at Reims, France. Leading to the end of WW2 in Europe

May 8, 1945 – Victory in Europe Day,
This day marks the official end of fighting in Europe in World War 2. More than 1million Canadians served, with 42,000 killed, and 10’s of thousands more wounded.  The war wasn’t over yet, however.    Fighting would rage on in the Pacific against Japan for another 3 months.

Happy Mother’s Day, 09MAY21
A special shout out to everyone’s mom. Without any of you, we wouldn’t have the squadron we have today. I hope your cadets, or adult children (officers, CI’s & volunteers) for that matter, did something special for you today.

So, some things to think about.   Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

OCdt Couroux
809 Newark RCACS