Summer Cadet Co-Op Program

The Summer Cadet Co-Op Program will be happening for Summer 2021. With modifications to summer training this year, the co-op program will also be adapting, becoming completely virtual.

Who is Eligible?

  • All cadets who are residents of Ontario and attending secondary school in Ontario *Cadets must already have earned at least one high school credit to participate.
  • Cadets attending either a virtual CTC course, or Summer CAP

Upon completion of summer training, as well as co-op assignments, cadets will be granted up to two (2) high school credits.

Although the program is run in partnership with the Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) cadets do not need to be from UCDSB, nor will they become UCDSB students. Cadets from any Ontario school board can participate. They remain students of their own board. A report card will be mailed to the cadet and their main school upon successful completion, where the school will then enter the credit on the cadet’s transcript. UCDSB will provide and assign participating cadets with a co-op teacher for the summer semester.

For registration form and additional information:

Please note that registration deadline this year is 25 June 2021.