Wed Night Training & Tagging

Duty Officer
OCdt Couroux

C2: Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1
C3: AC, LAC, Cpl FCpl

DON”T FORGET: Tagging is THIS wknd- Fri 2 Dec from 4-8pm, Sat 3 Dec from 9am-4pm and Sun 4 Dec from 12pm-4pm. Meet at the Squadron Office. Dress is UNIFORM (C3) with parka and gloves and toque (depending on weather). If its warm enough, wedge is authorized.

There will undoubtedly be changes to the schedule, so please don’t be surprised if you are assigned to a different location when you arrive ¬†for your shift. Remember that cadets will have their ATTENDANCE CHEQUES cashed if they do not participate in 2 shifts (of 4 hours duration each). Lunch is provided for those cadets that are with us all day on Sat.