Remembrance Day Vigil

Parent Breakfast Food Sign-Up Remembrance Day 2015

Cadets we are excited for our Annual Remembrance Day Vigil – it begins at 7pm on TUESDAY, 10th November, 2015 at the Cadet hall and ends at 3pm on Wednesday at the Legion.

Bring: uniform on a hanger & boots; sleeping bag and pillow, toiletries, any other essential item for a sleepover at the cadet hall.

Dress: for the evening portion is sports gear/jeans/sqn tshirt. For the parade C-1.

Breakfast is provided by the Sponsoring Committee through donations by our Cadet families – THANK YOU if you are contributing to our breakfast. Please see the sign-up sheet above and bring the items with you when you arrive on Tues night.

TIMINGS on Wednesday – Remembrance Day

  • 6am – reveille
  • 630am – breakfast for first shift
  • 7am – breakfast for everyone else
  • 7am – shifts begin at the cenotaph – cadets will be transported back and forth from the cadet hall to the cenotaph by Sponsoring Committee members & parents
  • 10am – final shift at the cenotaph
  • 1030am – parade begins
  • 12noon – parade complete, cadets move to Legion, cadets are transported to Queenston for parade; NOTE: cadets are provided with a snack between parades
  • 230pm – Queenston parade is complete, cadets are transported to Legion for lunch
  • 3pm – Cadets are ready for pick up from Legion.

Due to the amount of training/community events completed within the 7-11 Nov time frame, there will NOT be training on Wed, 11 Nov 15 in the evening. There will be training on Monday night – 630-730pm drill & 730-930pm Range for Level 3 cadets.