Monday Night Training

RANGE TRG is taking place for the NEXT FOUR MONDAY NIGHTS only. Listen each Wednesday for which level will be receiving the mandatory training portion each week. Due to a lack of available staff that are trained as an RSO at 809, we are utilizing staff from other cadet units. Their availability determines when we run the program.

PARENTS: please endeavour to have your cadet at each Monday night that is specifically for your cadet for range training. We appreciate that this is not ideal, but are doing our best to make range trg (a mandatory part of the Air Cadet program) available to our cadets.

DRILL TEAM: 630-730pm

RANGE TRG: 730-930pm – this week is Level 3 cadets

As a reminder: LISTEN carefully at briefing on the Wednesday night before to hear about what training will be offered. Some nights will only be one event, others will be two or more.

DRESS standards for the various activities are as follows:

Drill: shorts, sqn t-shirt, running shoes, sqn ball cap (until further notice)

Sports: shorts, sqn t-shirt, running shoes, sqn ball cap (optional)

Range: jeans, sqn t-shirt, running shows, sqn ball cap (optional)