Poppy Sales Location Change & Grace United Church

POPPY SALES – Saturday, 7 November, 2015

Cadets are to meet at their respective locations (see below) either the Valumart NOTL or the Virgil Avondale. Parents: please drop them off and pick them up from their location (listed beside their name). They will be met by CI Ruttan with their box of poppies. Poppy boxes will be picked up by CI Ruttan and returned to the Legion at the end of the shifts.

DRESS: Uniform C-2 with parka (bring your toque & gloves if its really cold)

You must be LOGGED IN to see the lists. All time is a direct contribution to your required High school volunteer hours. tammypalumbo@yahoo.ca

Grace United Remembrance Service:  Sunday, Nov 8th, 2015

TIMINGS: Drop-off at Church by 1015, pickup at 1145(change from 1st notice). Grace United Church is located at 222 Victoria Ave in NOTL.


Cadets will be responsible for carrying the flags during the processional and recessional only. They will sit for the remainder of the service.

**Thank you to those who were able to volunteer. All community support from 809 Air Cadets is greatly appreciated. **