We are hosting the NAG Drill Competition & Turkey Shoot tomorrow at our LHQ.

DRILL TEAM MEMBERS: please note there has been a time change. The day is now starting at 9AM. Everyone is expected to be at the LHQ no later than 915am in order to be on parade for the opening ceremonies. We will be finished for the day at 4pm.

Here is the revised schedule: ANNEX A NAG Drill Comp Schedule 2015

For an idea of who is doing what, you can read the OP ORDER for the Comp here: op order drill comp 2015

Don’t forget: bring your own lunch; canteen will be available. Bring your uniform on a hanger. Bring your polishing kit. We are Team #7 – so we’ll be on at approx 2pm for inspection, followed immediately by our performance. Tell your parents to come see!

BEST OF LUCK! I am so excited to see how much you have improved this year.