Poppy Campaign Update

Good evening 809 ,

I’m happy to see that there are only 2 spots left to fill for the poppy campaign this weekend.    However, there are still cadets who have yet to volunteer.   If you haven’t volunteered, take the time to fill in the spots leftover.  Don’t leave it up to your squadron mates to do the heavy lifting.  For those cadets that have volunteered to do multiple shifts over the two days, thank you for your dedication. It has been noted.

Here’s the link for sign up and also to review your shift schedule:  Poppy Campaign | 809 Newark (809cadets.ca)

As promised, here’s a clarification on the details for Saturday and Sunday

Dress for Cadets: C1  Bring Parka, gloves and toque. Make sure you wear a poppy!
Dress for Staff: Appropriate civilian attire
Date: Saturday Nov 5 and Sunday Nov 6
Timings & Location: 15 minutes prior to your shift, report to the Royal Canadian Legion, 124 Branch @ 410 King St, NOTL
Duty Locations: Phil’s Independent – 1551 Hwy 55, Virgil & Hendriks’ Independent 130 Queen St, NOTL – You’ll be assigned a location upon your arrival to the Legion for your briefing.

– Please bring your cadet to the legion prior 15 minutes prior to their shift. This way we can take attendance and ensure that the cadet has their appropriate box
– Once checked in, the duty officer will will issue instructions on the day’s activity to your cadet and direct you to transport your cadet to the duty location they’ve been assigned.
– Pick up your cadet at the and transport them back to the legion for their quitting time – they’ll hand their box to the duty officer at the end of their shift before being dismissed.

– Junior cadets will be paired with senior cadets.
– Cadets are to act in an appropriate manner at all times while in uniform as per the code of conduct.
– Be friendly and approachable.
– A duty officer has been assigned to supervise each shift and will be making rounds throughout to monitor the activity
– If there is an emergency, the duty officer will be available by the squadron phone – 905 468 7584
– If you have a cell phone, please bring it with you and leave your number with the duty officer for your shift.

I’m available if anyone has any questions.

Lt Dan Couroux
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS