Sports Competition Reminder

Good evening everyone,

For those of you who are attending the sports competition tomorrow morning, just some quick reminders.

Key Points:

  • Be at the squadron HQ no later than 0715hrs on Saturday, January 28
    • You’ve each signed up to be participants.   We expect you to be there to help out your team.   However, if there’s a situation preventing you from attending, you need to contact the squadron by phone, or by email, prior to 0700 on Saturday morning.
  • Bus leaves at 0730 SHARP – Don’t be late.
  • Bus is due back @ HQ around 1745hrs.   Make sure you inform your parent/guardian
    • It’s possible that we could head back earlier than expected.   Make sure you alert your parent/guardian that they need to be accessible.
  • Lunch is being provided
  • Bring:
    • Health Card
      • Any prescription medicine that is required must be presented to the staff upon arrival at the squadron
    • Re-fillable water bottle (with water)
    • Snacks for the day
    • Something to entertain yourself with during the bus ride and while you’re there
      • Note: You can bring electronics but they are your responsibility.  If they get stolen or broken, that’s the chance you take.
      • I’d rather you take some time when you’re not playing to socialize and to cheer on the other team (see below about that).
  • What to Wear:
    • Sports gear
      • Athletic shoes
      • Socks
      • Gym pants or athletic shorts
        • NOTE:   I have the new Squadron T-Shirts.   You’ll need your navy blue t-shirt to wear as an undershirt.
      • Do not wear just shorts and t-shirt for travel.   Dress appropriately for the weather.

New Info – Sports Teams:

Because we have 13 participating at this point, you’re able to play in 2 sports.    We had a pretty tight timeline to put together the teams on Monday night.  Unfortunately not many of you were at cadets, so we put together a list of who he’d recommend for each sport.  See the email sent out earlier in the week for the team list.

Because you’ve been assigned a team, it doesn’t mean you can’t play the other sport.   We can discuss during our bus ride out to Cayuga.


For the ugly part – You’ve all signed a Cadet Code of Conduct form when you started at the squadron this year.   Make sure you’re respectable towards each other and also to any referees, staff, officers and adults on-hand.   Any breech of the cadet code of conduct will be dealt with accordingly.

Have fun.   This is meant to be an team building/bonding exercise.    Don’t let the small stuff, or a bad call, or something else along those lines get in the way of having a good time.

See you all Saturday morning.


Lieutenant / Lieutenant  Dan Couroux
Commanding Officer, 809 “Newark” Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron (RCACS)