Message from our SSC Chair – Parental Help Needed – Bottle Drive – Saturday January 8

Dear Proud Parent of a Cadet,

Hoping your holiday season has been great, and that 2022 will be better times for all!

This Saturday January 8th we are having our bottle drive for 809 Squadron.  This is a big fund raiser for us and helps to fund the entire program.  During non Covid times this is a mandatory event for cadets and strongly encourage for the rest of the family to pitch in and help.  The squadrons working orders are that in person cadet activity is not sanctioned at this time but life must go on.  We need your help to make this fundraiser work.

Saturday Jan 8th

8:30am – 1:30pm

We will have 3 drop off locations that need to be manned and we will need a crew out at the VanNoorts Greenhouse to sort and package.

2-3 trailers will be needed to service these locations

If you could reply right away with the number of family members that can help that would be great…the sooner the better.

Please respond to me directly at  or my cellphone 289-687-7050.

All the best,

Cory Abt

Chair, 809 Squadron Sponsoring Committee