Safety Details for the Return of 809 Sqn

Good evening everyone,
Attached is a copy of the COVID-19 Safety Plan. Please note the following:

1/ Everyone must complete the COVID 19 Self Assessment prior to leaving for cadets.
It’s located at:

Also, please complete the attendance tracker for in-person activities found at this link before arriving:

2/ If for any reason you’re feeling ill, don’t come to cadets. Fill in the attendance form, indicating your ill, and also call the squadron @ 905-468-7584.

3/ There’s a staggered start as follows:
1810 = Staff
1820 = Level 5
1830 = Level 4
1840 = Level 3
1850 = Level 1 & 2

4/ You must wear a mask while indoors and follow the protocols set out in the COVID-19 Safety plan

5/ Parents, please drop your cadet off at the door. Access is restricted to Staff Members and Cadets only. Please remain in your car and wait for about 10 mins. This way if a cadet needs to return home, they’ll still have a ride waiting. The same goes for picking up your cadet upon completion of the parade night.  Capt Lemoine will be reaching out to parents to go over this in detail

6/ Upon entering the building, you’ll meet the Duty Officer & Duty NCO who will check you in. They’ll verify that you’ve completed the attendance tracker and ask you if you’ve completed the COVID-19 Self Assessment.

For other details, please ask or refer to the COVID-19 Safety Plan. See you Wednesday.

OCdt Couroux
DCO/COVID-19 Safety Officer