Weekly Routine Orders – Week of 25 Oct 2020

24 Oct 2020

RO Number

CO’s Message

We’re finally back to in-person training this Wednesday! We have a number of changes in our processes that are necessary to comply with COVID-19 safety protocols and these can be reviewed here: SOP – COVID-19 Safety Plan. It is very important that all cadets and parents/guardians familiarize themselves with these processes so that we can deliver the best program that we can in these trying times. This is a living document and will be updated based on our experiences, so please refer back to it often. Major changes will be announced as they are made. Please direct any questions with respect to safety procedures directly to the DCO, OCdt Couroux.

For the next two Monday evenings, there will be a virtual meeting on Google Meet for parents/guardians and new cadets where we will outline how 809 Newark Squadron will be delivering the air cadet program this year. For new cadets and their parents/guardians, this will be a summary of the cadet program, our objectives for the training year, and a comparison of how we will be operating versus how we operate normally. For parents and guardians of existing cadets, this will be an overview of changes that have become necessary in the face of COVID-19. A Q&A session will follow the presentation. If you know of any potential new cadets who might be interested in joining us, please direct them to one of these sessions. If further dates need to be scheduled, those can be done as required.

See you on Wednesday!

Training Night
28 Oct 2020

Training Night Schedule
See the Events Calendar.

CAF Member Dress

Cadet Dress
C3B: Sgt, FSgt, WO2, WO1
C3F: AC, LAC, Cpl, FCpl

Duty Personnel
Duty Officer: Capt Lemoine
Duty NCM: WO1 Lett

This Week’s Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
26 Oct 2020
Monday Virtual Information Session for Parents and New Cadets Google Meet Civilian Capt Lemoine
28 Oct 2020
Wednesday Regular Training Night 809 HQ C3B/C3F Capt Lemoine

Upcoming Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
2 Nov 2020
Monday Virtual Information Session for Parents and New Cadets Google Meet) Civilian Capt Lemoine
4 Nov 2020
Regular Training Night Wednesday 809 HQ C3B/C3F 2Lt Nicolescu
28 Nov 2020
Saturday Cadet Leadership Workshop RCL Branch 418, 294 Vine Street, St. Catharines, ON L2M 4T3 and Virtual C5  

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS