This Sunday is our last chance at Gliding for the 2016-17 training year. We have 20 spots (because we switched with another Squadron, we gained 10 more spots!) – so make sure you make the time to come on out on Sunday. Parents are welcome to stay with cadets at the airfield.

TIME: 1pm-4pm

LOCATION: Niagara District Airport (Hwy 55) in NOTL

MEET: At the Airport Terminal building – DO NOT ACCESS THE APRON/RUNWAY without an Escort Officer from the Gliding Centre Staff

DRESS: Civilian casual – check the weather before you head out.

SIGN-UP: Wednesday night there will be a sign-up sheet at closing parade – if we can’t fill the 20 spots, we can open it up to another unit who missed their day due to weather. Therefore, if you sign-up, make sure you show up.

BRING: backpack with snacks, book, music, something that won’t blow away and create FOD.

WEATHER: sometimes the flying day is cancelled in advance, sometimes at the last minute. Check HERE on the squadron website before heading out to the airport on Sunday. Weather that is TOO WINDY, TOO RAINY = no flying. Wear sunscreen: too sunny is not a reason to cancel 🙂