SSC Position at 809 Squadron

There is currently a Squadron Sponsoring Committee position available at the unit. It is open to any interested individual, either parent of a cadet, or member of the community at large.

A decision to join and work with the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC) will involve the following commitment of time on behalf of our Air Cadets:

  • a 2-3 hour meeting once per month on Wednesdays, possibly some pre-meeting preparation and/or post-meeting activity;
  • 6-8 hours preceding and during the Weekend for the Annual Ceremonial Review and Awards Banquet, 6-8 hours on 2 Saturdays/yr for 2 Bottle drives, 2-4 hours on two to three Saturdays/yr for Bottle drop-offs, plus other occasional Bottle Pickup times and 4-8 hours twice/yr assisting during Air Cadet Tag Day Weekends;
  • Committee work as assigned, i.e.; Corporate Sponsorship, PR, Effective Speaking, Parent Liaison, Special Events etc. The average time commitment is about 5 hours/month;
  • Primarily between Sept-June,¬†Activity levels are decreased during the summer!

For the full details, please view our SSC Policy document found here: 809 SSC Policies (1),final

Fore more information, please contact Mr. Hendriks, Sponsoring Committee Chair, at the Squadron.