Monday Night Training

Drill Team – 7-8pm – make sure you’re there! We need all hands on deck for our silent routine practice. Dress: civilian with parade boots and wedge.

Sports/Flight Club – 8-9pm

NATIONAL COURSE NARRATIVES: Please send them in for proof-reading – email Capt Palumbo:  All natiional course applications are due THIS WEDNESDAY night at the Mess Dinner. 

NOTL Christmas Parade – was a HUGE success! Special thanks to Mr. Ruttan for the use of his trailer for our float, to CI Thiffault and Mr Zalepa for float prep on Friday afternoon, and to Mr Hendriks for driving the float in the parade. Our Cadets looked FANTASTIC with their elf hats on – if you have photos please send them to Capt Palumbo.

MESS DINNER on Wednesday: do you still need a bowtie? Capt Palumbo has one left – $7 each, you can pay on Wed night. Check out the dress regulations here: C8. NO headdress (wedge), and YES wear your name tag. Meet at the Virgil Fire Hall on 1391 Concession 6 Rd in NOTL at 630pm. Dinner begins at 7pm. Cadets are asked to wait in the foyer – they will be formally asked to come into the dining area. Parent volunteers can go straight to the kitchen – dress is white top, black bottoms for serving.

As an FYI, Capt Palumbo will not be into the office this evening. Capt Lemoine will be on-site for any pertinent questions/concerns.