UPDATE: CO’s Parade, Poppy Sales, Grace United

Join us for our CO’s parade. Parents: you are welcome to come and watch! The training night is regular hours, but the parade portion will start NLT 830pm. Senior Cadet promotions ONLY tonight. Capt Palumbo will be meeting with each level this evening to discuss promotion requirements.

Maj Torok, our Regional Cadet Advisor (RCA), will be visiting tonight. Please extend a warm welcome to him.

Duty Officer
Capt Palumbo

C-1 Ceremonial for everyone – this is the correct dress for tonight as announced last week.  Sorry for the confusion.

UPCOMING: Poppy Sales & Grace United Remembrance Day Church Service (details below)

POPPY SALES – Saturday, 7 November, 2015

Cadets are to meet at their respective locations (see below) either the Valumart NOTL or the Valumart Virgil. Parents: please drop them off and pick them up from their location. They will be met by CI Ruttan with their box of poppies. Poppy boxes will be picked up by CI Ruttan and returned to the Legion at the end of the shifts.

DRESS: Uniform C-2 with parka (bring your toque & gloves if its really cold)

You must be LOGGED IN to see the lists. All time is a direct contribution to your required High school volunteer hours. tammypalumbo@yahoo.ca

Grace United Remembrance Service:  Sunday, Nov 8th, 2015

We need 4-5 Cadets. Currently we have 2 signed up – please give your name to Mr. Hendriks, our Sponsoring Committee Chairman if you are available this weekend. All hours will contribute to your volunteer hours required for High School graduation. 

TIMINGS: Drop-off at Church by 1015, pickup at 1145(change from 1st notice).


Cadets will be responsible for carrying the flags during the processional and recessional only. They will sit for the remainder of the service.