Poppy Sales: Sat 8 Nov 14, 10-12 & 12-2pm Meet at Sqn, Dress C-1 with parka and toque – sign up list here:

Grace United Church: Sun 9 Nov 14, 10-1130am. Meet at Grace United Church NOTL, Dress C-1 – sign-up list here: 

Remembrance Day Vigil: Mon 10 Nov 14, 7-9pm, Meet at Sqn. Arrive in civilian dress with UNIFORM C-1 on a hangar, bring parka and toque. KIT LIST here:REMEMBRANCE DAY VIGIL KIT LIST 2014 PARENT Sign-up for BREAKFAST here: SIGN UP FOR REMEMBRANCE DAY_2014

Remembrance Day Parade: Tues 11 Nov 14, VIGIL from 7am-1030am, PARADE from 1030-1130am at NOTL Clock Tower, Queenston from 1-2pm, PARENT PICK-UP from LEGION at 230pm; Dress: C-1 with parka and toque. SCHOOL ABSENCE LETTER here: Permission-Form-Remembrance-Day-2014

FTX: 21-22-23 Nov 14, Drop-off at 62 Sqn 105 Mountain Rd Grimsby 7pm on Fri, pick-up on Sun at 2pm. Op Order detailing trg expectations and timings/locations here: 87 & 809 Sqn Trg Wknd Ops Order NOV 2014 revised

SUMMER TRAINING: Please find the NATIONAL COURSE HANDBOOK here: 2015 National Courses HB it contains all relevant information regarding the new application process for 2015.

Any and all questions/concerns may be directed to either myself, Capt Palumbo @ tammypalumbo@yahoo,ca, or to the event OPI (contact info provided above). It is going to be a busy few days at the Sqn, your patience and understanding as we try to make this the most positive experience possible is appreciated.