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Reminder: Cadets are to join us for our first & mandatory Field Training Exercise (FTX) THIS wknd at Camp Wetaskiwin.

There will be a bus provided for our cadets. It will meet at the Sqn Office on Fri and return the cadets on Sunday. Timings will be announced on Wed. Senior cadets will be providing most of the instruction and leadership training this wknd. It is a required weekend for all cadets to complete their level. All meals, accommodations and transportation will be provided to your cadet for the duration of the FTX.

ADVANCE PARTY: will bring their FTX clothing/backpack/teaching items with them on WED NIGHT and leave them at the cadet office to be packed with the rest of the kit being brought out on Fri. Capt Palumbo will pick up ALL the senior cadets (who were at the meeting last Wed) from their respective High Schools on Fri afternoon, immediately following dismissal. Dinner will be provided for the ADVANCE PARTY ONLY.

All other cadets not a part of the advance tasking are required to have dinner before boarding the bus in NOTL.

Parents/Cadets: please use the KIT LIST here annex-c-fall-kit-list-2016 as a guide for what to bring this wknd. PLAN FOR THE WEATHER. We will be sleeping OUTSIDE in TENTS – pack accordingly. Currently, the forecast has us receiving between 15-20mm of rain on Sunday – we will train RAIN or SHINE (within reason – if at any time we need to leave the training site due to safety concerns, a post to this website will be made, and parents contacted about early arrival to the Cadet Office).

Capt Palumbo will have her cell phone with her for EMERGENCY use – 289-783-1942.




FTX Advanced Party

ALL CADETS except the Advanced Party are expected to EAT BEFORE ARRIVING for the bus at 545pm.

Only the cadets listed below are permitted on the Advanced Party for the FTX. Timings are as follows: (you must be logged in to view)

Capt Palumbo – to pick up

CI Thiffault – to pick up

All to meet at Cave Springs at 1pm. There will be time to change when we arrive. Dinner is provided ONLY for the Advanced Party.

Remember:  we need you. Text/Call Capt Palumbo if you need any last minute items for the FTX. 289-783-1942