Battle of the Atlantic Parade – Update

For all cadets planning to attend the Battle of the Atlantic parade, the parade is being moved indoors due to the expected heavy rain for Sunday May 5, 2024.

It will still commence at 1300 with most of the outside portion being conducted on the 2nd floor of the Port Colborne Legion at 56 Clarence St, Port Colborne.

Here’s the original post from the WROs:

    1. Battle of the Atlantic Parade – 05MAY2024:

All Air, Sea and Army Cadets in Niagara Region have been invited to take part in the 2024 ceremonies marking the anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic.   This parade is held annually on the 1st Sunday of May.  The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest continuous military campaign in World War 2.  Although mostly a Naval campaign, the RCAF played a large role in supporting convoys as they moved troops and materials across the Atlantic to aid in the fight against the Axis powers and restore freedom to Europe.   As with Remembrance Day, it’s a somber occasion and one that should be remembered.    I’d like to get as many cadets and staff a possible to take part in this event.   Here are the particulars:

WHAT: Battle of the Atlantic Parade
WHEN: Sunday, 05 May 2024 @ 1245 for parade start at 1300hrs
WHERE: 47 Princess St, Port Colborne, ON   Royal Canadian Legion Br. 56, 67 Clarence St, Port Colborne, ON.
DRESS: Ceremonial – CAF – 1, Cadets – C1A

Transportation will not be provided.  There will be refreshments and hot dogs provided after the parade at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 56 @ 67 Clarence St, Port Colborne.

Capt Dan Couroux
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS