Announcements for Parents & Guardians – Training Week 17 – 08JAN2024

Although WRO’s are now being published exclusively on Teams, we realize that parents still need to be in the know for upcoming events.     Here are this week’s announcements.    For more details, including cadet specific instructions, dress instructions, class detail, duty NCO and duty Officer appointments, please have your cadet consult teams.

  1. Monday Night Optional Training – 08JAN2024:

For Monday night optional training, we’ll again have the flight simulator available.   Come out for social time with other cadets.

The more cadets we have attending Monday evenings, the more fun it will be.  Optional training will be from 1900-2100hrs.

  1. Canteen Cards for Sale – Wednesday, 10JAN2024:

Canteen cards will be on sale on Wednesday evening for those who would like to purchase them.   Cards are $20.00 each.   Cadets, please see Mrs Lett upon arrival to the squadron to purchase yours.

  1. Bottle Drop Off – Saturday, 13JAN2024:

809 Newark RCACS is conducting the 2nd of 3 Bottle Drop Off’s this Saturday morning.   This is a major fundraiser for the unit and all members are required to attend.    Cadets, bring your parents, siblings and friends to help out. It’s a lot of work as well, and the more people we have helping out, the easier the job will be.

We depend greatly on the funds that these bottle drop offs provide.  In order to keep the program free we need everyone, including cadets, parents, staff and SSC members, to provide some sweat equity. To all the adults, if you have a truck you can bring along for the day, please do. It will help us in transporting the bottles back to VanNoorts.   Make sure you wear something that is appropriate for the weather, yet you don’t mind getting dirty. Please be at VanNoorts Greenhouse no later than 0830 to receive instructions and so that we can have everyone out to their stations by 0900hrs.

Make sure you bring water with you for the morning. Pizza will be laid on after we’re finished up for the day.  Dress appropriately for the weather.  It’s January and we will be out in the cold.

What: Cadet Bottle Drop Off
When: Saturday, January 13 @ 0830hrs until approx 1400hrs
Where: VanNoorts Greenhouse (Corner of Hunter Rd & Four Mile Creek Rd)
Dress: Appropriate Civilian Attire

Any questions, please forward them over to Capt Couroux

  1. Senior NCO Development Day – Saturday, 20JAN2024:

Niagara Air Group (NAG) is conductiong a Senior NCO Development Day, hosted by 62 Phantom RCACS in Grimsby.    Senior cadets (Levels 3, 4 and 5) from throught NAG will participate in team building activities and workshops designed to enhance their skills in mentoring junior cadets in dress, drill and deportment.   Participating cadets will be coached in leadership and management of cadets and will also be given the opportunity to lead training sessions.

Here are the details:

WHEN: Saturday, 20JAN2024 – 0800-1730hrs
WHERE: 62 Phantom RCACS – 105 Mountain Rd, Grimsby
TRANSPORT: Parent Drop Off
LUNCH: Bring your own lunch.   There will be a canteen open through the activity.   Bring money if you’d like take part.

Let Capt Couroux know if you’d like to participate NLT Wednesday, January 10.

5. Fish Fry:

The legion is looking for volunteers to take part in service duties for Fish Fry on Thursday nights.    This is not a cadet activity, but you can earn time towards your community service hours for high school decoration.   All interested parties are to reach out to Ms Katleen Kells by email.   Include your phone number, cell phone number she can text to, and any dates that you cannot help out.   Ms Kell’s email is

Any questions, please forward them to myself at


Capt Dan Couroux
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS