Weekly Routine Order (WRO) 2023/24-03 – Week 3 17SEP2022

17 September 2023

RO Number
2023/24 – 03

CO’s Message

Welcome to week 3 809!


This week marks the start of regular training.    Annual Validation Forms and Cadet Codes of Conducts are due to be returned this week.


To all the cadets that took part in Level 4 training, I hope you had a great time and I’m looking forward to hearing about it.


To the officer and cadet attending the Decoration Day Ceremony, thanks for taking part.


On to this week



809 Officer and Senior Cadet Staff positions


Commanding Officer (CO):

Deputy Commanding Office (DCO):

Training Officer (TrgO):

Assistant Training Officer (ATrgO):

Administration Officer (AdminO):

Supply Officer (SupO):

Squadron Warrant Officer:

Squadron Deputy Warrant Officer:




Where: Squadron HQ

When: 20SEP2023

Who: All Cadets and Staff

Dress: C5 (cadets), CADPAT (officers), Golf Shirt & Khaki’s (CI’s/CV’s)

Duty Officer:



Training Night Schedule (From SRO’s)


Parade Night Timetable
Begins Ends Period
18:15 18:30 Building Open, Parade Set-Up
18:30 18:45 Uniform Inspection/Opening Parade
18:45 19:20 Period 1
19:25 20:00 Period 2
20:00 20:15 Break
20:15 20:50 Period 3
20:50 21:00 Clean-Up Trg Areas/Parade
21:00 21:15 Closing Parade
21:15 21:30 Building Closed



Levels 1& 2 PO/EO M107.01

(includes M207.01)

M130.02 M108.01
Description Discuss Year 1 and 2 Training Describe the Main Components of an Airplane Adopt the Positions of Attention, Stand At Ease and Stand Easy
Levels 3 & 4 PO/EO M307.01

(includes M407.01)

C208.01 M303.01
Description Identify Proficiency Level 3 and 4 Training Opportunities Practice Ceremonial Drill as a Review Define the Role of a Team Leader


Note: If you cannot make it to a mandatory cadet activity, or one that you’ve signed up to attend, you need to call the squadron @ 905-468 7584 and leave a message, or send an email to 809air@cadets.gc.ca,  indicating your reason for not attending.    Failure to do so will result in being marked as absent without excuse and will affect your standings towards training. 


September Events


  1. Monday Night NCO Training:


All Monday night activities for the month of September will be geared towards senior NCO development.    As a completment to the Level 4 training being offered this Saturday by the NGTA, we will be going over classroom instruction, drill instruction and leadership skills.    All level 4’s and 5’s are to attend.    All other levels are not required for this training and have Monday nights off until October.


  1. Fish Fry


The legion is looking for volunteers to take part in service duties for Fish Fry on Thusrsday nights.    This is not a cadet activity, but you can earn time towards your community service hours for high school decoration.   All interested parties are to reach out to Ms Katleen Kells by email.   Include your phone number, cell phone number she can text to, and any dates that you cannot help out.   Ms Kell’s email is ktkells@gmail.com



This Week’s Activities:

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
18 Sep 2023 Monday Level 4 and Level 5 Training Squadron HQ Appropriate Civilian Attire
20 Sep 2023 Wednesday Mandatory Training Squadron HQ Cadets: C5

Officers: CADPAT

25 SEP 2023 Monday Level 4 and Level 5 Training Squadron HQ Appropriate Civilian Attire
27 Sep 2023 Wednesday Mandatory Training Squadron HQ Cadets: C5

Officers: CADPAT

Upcoming October Activities:

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
01 Oct 2023


Saturday Gliding Niagara Region Airport Appropriate Civilian Attire
13 Oct 2023 – 15 Oct 2023 Weekend Exercise Niagara Challenger Chippewa Creek CA Cadets: FTU’s

Officers: CADPAT

See each of you on Wednesday evening.

D Couroux

Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS