Weekly Routine Orders (WROs) 2022/23-35 – Week 35 – 21 May 2023


21 May 2023

RO Number


CO’s Message

Hello 809. Enjoy Monday evening off for Victoria Day! On Wednesday, everyone will be dressed in C1As for inspection. Make sure to have all your badges sewn on properly, boots shined and uniforms pressed. I’m including some information from the dress regs in this edition of the WROs detailing how ceremonial dress is to be worn. Please review and make sure you’re adhering to these regulations. And finally, the Wonderland trip for Cadet Day is on this Saturday.

809 Officer and Senior Cadet Staff Positions

Commanding Officer (CO): Lt Couroux
Deputy Commanding Office (DCO): Lt Russell
Training Officer (TrgO): Capt Emptage
Administration Officer (AdminO): Capt Lemoine
Supply Officer (SupO): CI Dau
Assistant Training Officer (ATrgO): OCdt Bell
Squadron Warrant Officer: WO1 Abt
Squadron Deputy Warrant Officer/Admin NCO: WO2 Vidal
Flight Commander/Supply NCO: WO2 Dau


Supply is open for exchanges and new issue on Monday evening only. Make sure you see CI Dau to set up an appointment.


Regular Training

Where: Squadron HQ
When: 24 May 2023
Who: All Cadets and Staff
Dress: Cadets C1A; CAF 1A; CIs/CVs Collared Shirt, Tie, and Dress Pants
Duty Officer: Capt Lemoine

Training Night Schedule

Begins Ends Period
1815 1830 Building Open, Parade Square Set-Up
1830 1845 Uniform Inspection / Opening Parade
1845 1920 Period 1
1925 2000 Period 2
2000 2015 Break
2015 2050 Period 3
2050 2100 Clean-Up Training Areas / Parade Square
2100 2115 Closing Parade
2115 2130 Building Closed

Class Schedule

Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
All Levels PO/EO    
Description Displays Drill

CJCR Dress Instructions – Section 2 – Appearance


1. Monday Evening Optional Training

No training! Have a great Victoria Day!

2. Cadet Day at Canada’s Wonderland

We have 5 tickets left. Anyone wanting to attend, please see me on Wednesday, or fire me an email. Cadets are free. If your parents want to join us, $68.91 per ticket. First come-first served.

Who: Everyone who signed up.
When: Saturday, May 27 – 0745h for 0800h departure. Returning approximately 2000h.
Where: Squadron HQ for pick up.
Dress: Appropriate Civilian Attire. Make sure you have proper clothing suitable for the weather.

What’s being provided

  • Transport to and from Wonderland
  • Unlimited drink pass
  • Dinner

What to bring:

  • Health Card – You will not be allowed to board the bus if you don’t have this with you.
  • Appropriate clothing suitable for the weather
  • Spending money

3. Awards Banquet

When: Friday, June 2nd. Timings TBD
Where: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 124 – 410 King St, NOTL
Dress: Business Formal (jacket, shirt, tie – males, Dress outfit – females)
Who: All cadets, staff, SSC and guests
Cost: Cadets and staff are Free. Parents, siblings and guests $25 per person

For the fist time since the 2018-19 training year, we’re able to have our annual year-end Awards Banquet. This is a chance where we get together and celebrate our training year as a unit, and also with our guests (parents, guardians, siblings, etc.). More information on this to follow on next week’s WROs.

4. Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR)

When: Saturday, June 3
Time: Note that this has been changed from last week! Cadets and staff: 0800h. Parents and guests: Seated for 1045h. Parade starts at 1100h.
Where: Squadron HQ
Dress: Cadets C1A, Officers: 1A, Other Staff: Business Formal

This is a mandatory event for all cadets, staff and SSC.

This day is a formal parade where you get the opportunity to show your guests what you’ve done this year. This is a formal military parade where awards will be presented, promotions will be made, presentations will be made to the unit and displays, such as our new Flight Simulator, will be available for viewing by your guests, and guests of the unit. It’s a celebration of our training year. More details to follow on next week’s WROs

3. Other Upcoming Activities

  • 7 Jun 2023 – Cadet Change of Command – Last parade night of the training year
  • 10 Jun 2023 – Bottle Drive – Last cadet activity of the training year – All cadets, staff, SSC and parents to participate


All attendees must check-in for all in-person activities using the Registration for In-Person Events form.

In-Person Activity Check-In Form

This Week’s Activities

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
22 May 2023 Monday Victoria Day
No Training
24 May 2023 Wednesday Parade Night Squadron HQ Cadets C1A; CAF 1A; CIs/CVs Collared Shirt, Tie, and Dress Pants Capt Lemoine
27 May 2023 Saturday Field Trip Canada’s Wonderland Suitable Civilian Attire Lt Couroux

Upcoming Activities – For the Remainder of the Training Year

Date Day Activity Location Dress OIC
29 May 2023 Monday Optional Training Squadron HQ Suitable Civilian Attire Capt Emptage
31 May 2023 Wednesday Parade Night and ACR Practice Squadron HQ Cadets C5; CAF 5; CIs/CVs Civilian Attire or FTU CI Dau
2 June 2023 Friday Awards Banquet Royal Canadian Legion Branch 124, 410 King St, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0 Semi-Formal Lt Couroux
3 June 2023 Saturday ACR Squadron HQ Cadets C1A; CAF 1A; CIs/CVs Collared Shirt, Tie, and Dress Pants Lt Couroux
5 June 2023 Monday Optional Training Squadron HQ Suitable Civilian Attire CI Dau
7 June 2023 Wednesday Cadet Change of Command Squadron HQ Cadets C1A; CAF 1A; CIs/CVs Collared Shirt, Tie, and Dress Pants Lt Russell
10 June 2023 Saturday Bottle Drive Van Noort Greenhouses Suitable Civilian Attire Mr. Abt

D Couroux
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS

CJCR Dress instructions – Section 2 – Appearance – Specific Guidance for Ceremonial Occasions (2-2-18)

  1. Ceremonial order of dress (C1) shall only be ordered for specific occasions (CO’s parade, Formal parades, ACRs, etc.) C1 shall not be the standard training dress at a corps/squadron. The following amplification is provided for all cadets when in C1 order of dress:
    1. footwear will be worn as per environment / regiments / branches and corps / squadron dress instructions;
    2. over garment will be worn as per environments / regiments / branches and corps / squadron dress instructions. Medals are not to be worn on over garment (parka, gabardine, windbreaker);
    3. hair that extends below the tunic jacket collar shall be secured in one of the following styles:
      1. in a bun;
      2. a single braid;
      3. double braids centred to the back;
      4. multi braids or locks, be pulled back to the centre of the back or equally positioned along the shoulder blades and secured; or
      5. when hairstyle or hair type does not allow a cadet to adopt one of the aforementioned hairstyles, the cadet must discuss with the Chain of Command to find a hairstyle that can be secured accordingly.
    4. Jewellery;
      1. Rings, a maximum of two rings which are not of costume jewellery nature. Additional rings may only be worn when they indicate professional standing, such as an engineer, or are worn with a wedding band as a single set indicating betrothal or fidelity, e.g., an engagement or an anniversary ring. Rings shall not inhibit the execution of proper arms drill or cause an unsightly bulge in white or black gloves.
      2. Necklaces and bracelets shall not be visible;
      3. Piercings. The only piercings authorized are single or single set of stud or single stone earrings (one in each ear) are permitted in the ear lobe(s). These earrings shall not exceed one centimetre square or diameter. Gauges / spacers shall not exceed 2.5 cm in diameter; and
      4. Plain tie-pins or clips or with a Canadian military/Cadet insignia are permitted.
    5. Facial make-up, temporary lashes, and eyelashes extensions are permitted; and
    6. Coloured nail polish and artificial nails are permitted as long as they do not impair the cadet’s ability to perform their duties.