Correction: Canada’s Wonderland Excursion – Saturday May 28 0745hrs – 2000hrs

For everyone going on the Wonderland excursion on Saturday morning, just a reminder of a few items:

  1. Be at the Squadron Headquarters no later than 0745.   We expect to return to by around 2000 (8pm).
  2. Dress in civilian attire, appropriate for the weather.   Right now, the forecast is showing as Sunny with a temperature of about 20degrees.  You may want to bring some sunscreen.
  3. Bring spending money with you.   The squadron is covering your travel, entry into the park, fast passes for the day, lunch and a refillable drink.   Anything beyond this is your responsibility.
  4. Bring your facemask.   As a cadet, you’ll be required to where this throughout the day.
  5. Bring your health card – Very important.    You can’t attend if you don’t have this with you.

For those of you that did sign up, see you Saturday AM.

Lt Couroux,