Weekly Routine Orders – Week of 22 Mar 2020

22 Mar 2020

RO Number

CO’s Message

We’re one week into our three-week extended March Break and suspension of the cadet program nationwide. I hope everyone is doing well and taking all necessary precautions in order to stay healthy and avoid spreading infection to others. It’s a trying time for everyone, but each of you has shown that you have the self-discipline to weather this and serve as good examples to others.

We’re still on track for our program to resume during the week of 5 Apr 2020, but expect to have a number of factors to consider before we can safely do so. I don’t have any current updates from our chain of command, but will ensure that these get out to everyone as soon as I receive them.

In the event that the date for resuming training is pushed out, we’re exploring other options. One of these is use of Google Classroom to deliver at least some of our training on-line. This isn’t really workable unless a significant number of you have the necessary computer access to make this work. I’ve added a survey below to get a feel for whether this is feasible or not. Please fill it in at your earliest opportunity.

We’re still looking for submissions for our 50th Anniversary Pin, so if you’re artistically inclined that’s a great use for any spare time you might find that you have. The deadline may be pushed out a bit, but the contest is still on!

2Lt Nicolescu sent this over to me the other day, just to keep your head-space as a cadet and have a little fun while we’re all being careful.

Cadet Isolation Crossword

Looking forward to seeing everyone when circumstances allow.

J. Lemoine
Commanding Officer
809 Newark RCACS